Wrong Star

Wrong Star takes a seemingly nonsensical event, equates it with one of the most significant events of our lifetimes and takes it up to seven. I do not mean eleven, some scales have only seven degrees.

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What I think that you think I am meets what I think that you think that I think you are.

Everything in this collection is based on near-nonsensical assumptions. The characters are stereotyped, blown out of proportion and turned into stereotypes of their dominant ethnic groups, complete with religions they were likely to have been assigned at birth and/or assumed to be. Then they're taken to a place that is often synonymous with disasters and supernatural things start to happen.

Structurally, Wrong Star originally followed another piece without ever intending to serve as its counterpart, companion or antithesis, but it ended up being far more loose. Seemingly, the said piece appears to be very abstract, while Wrong Star is pretty simple once figured out.

A small portion of the book was subject to self-censorship in August 2011. There is nothing outrageous in original versions, but I did not want to be taken wrong and be creepy.

What is a wrong star? A place, a town, an event, an area, a building, a basement, an occasion, a curse, misplaced person(s), error, choice, legacy, a battle between the eastern and the western sides of what is ultimately the western civilisation, a battle between two major groups of peoples, two major ideologies of the 20th century, male and female, past, present and future.

Below is a collection of unedited poems that were written mostly in 2010. From August 2011 on, they were edited, a selection was made and only 49 of them made it to what will one day be the Wrong Star poetry book. A couple of these were recited live: Wrong Star, Retrograde-Circular Metamorphosis, A Port Crane and Casts A Large Shadow. A significant amount of these exist as mp3 files.

Original Star
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