Copy is the Original

Copy is the Original is everything that the series written before it were not. It's essentially about love, hardships, cherishing what and whom you have. It reflects on the past, examines the future and then the said future becomes the present.

Copy is the Original cover image

Copy is the Original cover image

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Copy is the Original follows four narratives at the same time. One is a bunch of fragments set before WWI. The next one, the longest of the bunch, is a set of slice-of-life moments told by a child in a very simple language, happening in early to mid-1990s. The third, shortest part represents nostalgia, wanderlust and the wish to reconnect with something you love. The fourth part is the reunion of the narrator and what she holds so dear to her heart.

I turned out to be constantly reinventing myself and initially not really liking it, getting kicked out of things for reasons that were not really fair, not getting much attention to my troubles. But nowadays, I like it and, in a way, I can credit the "copy that is the original", "the bird that taught me to fly", "dead girl" Her whatever you want, for it.

One of the characters from my previous series makes a couple of appearances here. I'm not wild about this at all, but it happened.

This is not LGBTQ fiction, the character the narrator addresses is not a woman, just grammatically and dramatically female. This character is not a family member, love interest or a friend.

In broader sense it's an ode to everybody living in the Balkans and having suffered through the XX century.

The poetry will be accompanied by photographs and short videos taken in August 2016.