I Used to Think It Was Easy…

Years ago, I used to mock other people for things such as coherence. As an adult, I know that I am nowhere near coherent. The more I look into it, the more I see that it’s always been so. So, perhaps this is the right time to get over the fear of posting non-fiction and just write whatever?

Belgrade, September 2016

I love and hate the city I live in. When I hate it, I sit inside and go out only for groceries and walking the dog. When I love it, I go…everywhere. And photos happen.

Marine Snow

Not published when it was written. A good representation of whatever back then.

A Nobody (Else)

I like to remember
What I thought you were
Though I prefer what
I see you are now.
I like to remember
Being a see-through panel
And thinking I was so different
From everybody else.
I was a nobody else.
I like to remember
Dreaming in vain
I like to remember
That agonising pain
I did not know was good
I do not like to put on a show.
I Read on

I Found You and I Found You Again

The world is crumbling on the inside. The new decade came with a boy sleeping under the living room table. Two days later, it was hospital corridors. Grandma’s sweet voice now saying nonsense and mixing up all works. “I work right together with you. I work right together with you. I work right together with Read on

Cycling on a Friday Afternoon

A martyr-satyr
You always needed one
A blank canvas
Ends up drawn to you
Love is not about not being lonely
Love is not about that one and only
A brown giant never makes a star
A flower-shower
So easy to have one
Language of love
Consumes all of you
Love is not about making it stay
Love is not about the toys to play
A meteorite never Read on

Apart, Away, A Part, A Way (Noon)

How can you love those who are not here? You ask.
I tell you about my years that you missed and your disapproval is odd to me.
The only way I have ever know is apart.
A part falls apart
And finds its way to the heart.
Remember when you set out on your own
And no matter the hell and Read on

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