I’d left you for a girl
But I will be back
Just like you were each time
I’ve known her for so long
Ever since I was a child
I’ve been without her
Like with and without you
These days, I dream of her
And you are nowhere to be
Found in any of those dreams
She’s seen so much death
That you wouldn’t believe her
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Maze of Pipes / Lavirint cevi

Maze of Pipes
A waterfall baby,
A dream from the past,
Fading away to that old year.
I won’t forgive,
As there’s nothing to forgive,
I might be breathing water,
But I’m not water-driven.
Nothing more than a maze of pipes,
Squeaky-clean on the outside
With rust bleeding in them.
That’s what he was,
Some weak lines.
That’s the only thing he can be,
A maze of pipes.

Lavirint cevi
Dete Read on

The Masterdream

Cutting the fight?
Killing the light!
Knitting the night.
Flicking through,
Browsing through,
Assorted clips of the Masterdream.
Pink pegs?!
From a walking-talking picture book.
Black nails?
From a crawling distillery.
I’ll clip them the way they should be,
Where they should remain,
I’ll line them on a rope,
Hang them dry and preserve them,
Arrange them,
By correct date and time.
Always saying
I will not
Rewind them again,
But I do.
You breathe Read on

The World

This is a man/woman world,
So, what are you doing here?
Who sent you,
And how dare you fly on your own,
With a full pair of wings?
This is a somebody/somebody world,
So what are you doing here?
Did man/woman ones send you
And how dare you think it doesn’t matter
When it means everything?
– February 14th and November 15th, 2015

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The strangest stamp in one’s passport.
The strangest page in the other’s diary.
Golden crops none of them will harvest.
Horizon of the most sinister slavery.
There goes your precious slave to the system.
They said it wasn’t that way and they won’t listen.
Nothing changed
That very day.
Nothing changed,
Except for it all
“Poor little yous and your poor little wars!”
Is all they Read on


Wake me up with buzzing flies
Have me smile until the day dies
I have been numb all these years
And I really, really need to laugh.
I missed you so much
I just could not face you
When I was bitter and sad
When I was broken and bad
When I had no other dreams left.
Rock me to sleep in your arms
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That Time You Could Not Be

Remember that time you could not walk?
Remember that time you could not see?
I think of them fondly in some way.
Remember that time with my friend at KFC?
Remember that time you didn’t know.
I wish for more of those, every day.
The one I don’t want to think of
Is that time you could not be,
That time you could Read on

I Used to Think It Was the Moon

Floating in the seams of her dark blue robe.
Small, she is so much bigger on the inside.
When I dive far below, she’ll bring me up,
And I am aware I should no longer hide.
A rekindled thread of those who refused to die.
A little boost for the ones with no wings to fly.
And I used to think Read on

Three Broken Mirrors

Three broken mirrors without you.
The thought of you was painful,
You were in my dreams so often,
More than those I thought I loved.
And I would wake up to see
I was still in my bedroom.
Two broken mirrors of mine
And the one I shared like poison
Sacrificing myself for the one I love
Would anything have changed without that last Read on

Now I Am You!

Everything you used to be is now me
You are no more, you are nothing
And this is how it was meant to ne.
For god’s sake,
You are still alive
And you re-claimed a dead body too
You are no different from me.
You are an impostor, like me.
You bought your freedom
And met some more doom
Because, you see,
When you’re set Read on

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