Runaway Rooms

Chasing dreams which revolve around chasing through rooms or chasing the rooms themselves.

See You Again

Some childhood memories should not be banished. They need to be a part of one’s adult life. For good.

Flicker On, My Light

Love is not limited to single instances of people, or people overall, for that matter. Okay, romantic love is, but there are other types of love that make your life fuller, richer and more beautiful. There are types of love that help you understand who you are and that, ultimately, leads you to understanding both yourself and the others better. There are those unusual types of love that will liberate you and make you feel better about the usual types of love. And that is the kind of love I have been trying to express through these poems, for about a year now. Love.

A March Bunny Purrrrrrr Elle

There was August, September, December, October, November…well, here’s March. One of the uglier ones. Nobody ever said that they were months of the same year, by the way. This year begins with a February and ends with an October.

Grey Asexual Myths & Truths – Ace Day 2016

Grey Asexual, The Blog Entry! Now with sprinkles! Life in the grey area of asexuality. A story on why I ignore the porn mags that are right in my face, and why I would say no to Brad Pitt, but not bread feet. Mmmm, bread.

November Fools!

That one time sitting there in September, you saw the December eyes and realised you’re late to your dinner at Hotel Oktobar that effectively denies the August Morning, because you’re just a November fool after all. So, let’s hear it for the one who choked on the quarter pounder and ruined things for those who don’t eat quarter pounders!

Second Time Round I Call It You

ABBA had that song named As Good As New. And I believe that many things other than romantic love – including all those types of fondness that you are not quite able to define and those you have no right to call love because they either cannot be called that or they are too ridiculous to be defined with such a term. So, yes, this is a poem about those things.

Mental Space Invaders ’16

The mental space invaders are scary people. They have one single goal and they will do everything to achieve it, regardless of how staged it may be. And the first thing they do is, for some reason, reporting to the passive person who never wanted to be a mental space invader.