Not in 2002…well, not in 2006 either:(

DAMN! Damn! Damn:(
It was just not meant to happen.
Congrats to Shizuka, anyway…
…and I still have no freakin’ clue how come that Sasha Cohen, with her crappy performance was in front of Irina.

A secret scream so loud

Finally got my health ID yesterday morning (after another sleepless night). Now I “just” need to find the time to go to the doctor.
But, I took Gigi to the vet. Lucky that the ambulance is just two corners from here, so I simply carried him in his cage, under a towel. The lady asked me Read on

Just keep on swimming along…

Welcome to Pisces time, ladies and gentlemen. I feel that my birthday is close and I already got the first card…thank you, f1linda 🙂 🙂 🙂
I dreamed of My Old Pal (aka 2) a couple of nights ago. So, let’s say that in my dream February 2006 most likely ended and March 2006 begun, since Read on

My Johari window

I saw that a couple of people I know did this, so, please do contribute to mine. I am curious to see what you’ll pick:

Dreams for plans

A big, big, big hug to everyone who replied to my last two entries and comforted me. Yet again, I seem to have made a big fuss out of nothing. We sorted it out and I got compared with a 80-something year old woman for always thinking the worst about everything. I said: “I will Read on

… … … … …

I still have no idea why or how the background pattern on my LJ disappeared. It still exists on the server, but it’s just not appearing. But I have no idea why some other things happen either, so I’ll let it stay that way. I’m updating this thing only for, like, 1/4 of people on Read on


Well, I am not surprised. Look at the same test taken one year ago and look at this.

How Your Attitude Ranks

Your Attitude is Better than 60% of the Population

If you scored…
80-100: You’ve got a winner attitude. You’re always optimistic and cheery. Your personality will get you far in life.
60-79: You have a good attitude. While Read on

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