Happy March:) Happy wintermarch…and yes, we have snow;)

Happy March, everyone!:D
Things are taking an interesting turn.
Ljilja won a 7-day-trip and, since it’s only for married couples, she gave it to my mom and dad. So, it’s 7 days in either Spain, Greece or Turkey, everything is free apart from transportation. Mom and dad are looking into it, to make it as cheap as Read on

Not in 2002…well, not in 2006 either:(

DAMN! Damn! Damn:(
It was just not meant to happen.
Congrats to Shizuka, anyway…
…and I still have no freakin’ clue how come that Sasha Cohen, with her crappy performance was in front of Irina.

A secret scream so loud

Finally got my health ID yesterday morning (after another sleepless night). Now I “just” need to find the time to go to the doctor.
But, I took Gigi to the vet. Lucky that the ambulance is just two corners from here, so I simply carried him in his cage, under a towel. The lady asked me Read on

Just keep on swimming along…

Welcome to Pisces time, ladies and gentlemen. I feel that my birthday is close and I already got the first card…thank you, f1linda 🙂 🙂 🙂
I dreamed of My Old Pal (aka 2) a couple of nights ago. So, let’s say that in my dream February 2006 most likely ended and March 2006 begun, since Read on

My Johari window

I saw that a couple of people I know did this, so, please do contribute to mine. I am curious to see what you’ll pick:

Dreams for plans

A big, big, big hug to everyone who replied to my last two entries and comforted me. Yet again, I seem to have made a big fuss out of nothing. We sorted it out and I got compared with a 80-something year old woman for always thinking the worst about everything. I said: “I will Read on

… … … … …

I still have no idea why or how the background pattern on my LJ disappeared. It still exists on the server, but it’s just not appearing. But I have no idea why some other things happen either, so I’ll let it stay that way. I’m updating this thing only for, like, 1/4 of people on Read on

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