Of course, I now belong to a lower class of evolution.

So, this should be a start of some…week. Go week.
I am releasing supersonicsquirrel.net and giving it up sometime today. Even if the money transfer is not complete, the guy will send me the transfer slip; so I can be 100% sure he paid for it. So, my email address WILL NO LONGER BE VALID. The Read on

Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?

I feel like crap.
Some birthdays are coming up and I know that those people don’t care about me anymore, so they won’t even be happy when I wish them a happy birthday because they didn’t care when I wished them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Surprisingly, all of those people were born Read on

Meant to…what?

Happy April!
I’m happy we’re no longer in March 2006, which turned me from moderately insane person into a completely insane person. As everyone else probably noticed, I haven’t posted an entry other than poems and dreams in like…four weeks or something? So, I might as well post a normal entry. You know…an entry-entry.
The Read on


*happy dance*
Congrats to Giancarlo for winning the Malaysian GP. It was damn well deserved, I must say:)
And congrats to Jacques for the first points in this season. 2006 looks promising right now! And I am starting to get back into F1, since I sort of lost interest in 2004 and I was apathetic in 2005.


There is no doubt that Machor is enjoying his pizza. As for me…Less yummy,less tummy. Blah.
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Nineties, anyone? Nope, not me for sure.

I’m puzzled by this life, or, let’s say it better this way, the sudden rush of 90s…and I am not talking about good things. I’m talking about the worst scum from back then.
Yesterday generally sucked.
Sofija and I were supposed to meet, but my trolley bus was late (should’ve taken a tram) and my text messages Read on

International holidays are the right…

..time to say how much I love the world,so OK…
I despise the world’s population, especially the most of the teenagers,bored housewives and all similas cases who necessarily think that bad is good,that gross is original, and that everyone should be “deep”. As long as that “deep” of yours means you are generally in love with Read on

Waiter! Bring me water!

I’m fine. I really am fine!
OK, I’m not:( I am upset with one of the replies to my last entry. Not the reply itself, but the fact that such an entry did get a reply, but some others didn’t. I know I am paranoid and here I go again, every two weeks it’s me thinking Read on

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