Whale Fall Communist

Years of living in (what could be incorrectly perceived as) a whale fall colony look like this. Publishing dates are never a coincidence with tertiary Introverted Sensing.

Margaret’s Dragons Have Strange Ways

A poem where a Serbian man in Belgrade reads the front page of a newspaper that is the first in Europe (or one of the first) to bring a very disturbing news. The man then has a vision of World War I – but then quickly dismissed it due to the same folklore beliefs that brought the vision in the first place. The news then makes rounds all around the world, to places like United States and Australia, but that’s a story for some other poem.

Old World Romance

Ladies, gentlemen and others, I present to you…my ONE TRUE PAIRING (OTP). The best couple of the 1980s. A tragic death of two youngsters, one of whom was UNDERAGE. There was a whooping nine-year-difference between them, too. Her death was a suicide out of carelessness, he was murdered. And from then on, nothing was the same, ever again.

What if the Mirror Had Swallowed the Room?

Drunk people waking you up in the middle of a night after what was likely one of the best days of the year – if not the best – make for funny, absurd poems. Such situations are a great opportunity for self-parody, too.

P.S.trangely Titled

I wanted to write something like “Stay”, about a slightly different topic. But I guess I should get a green plush mini and big glasses first, because it’s kind of meh.

You, Me & That Dot Over There

Hey you. Yes, you. This is my guide, sort of. She is like you, sort of. She is also like me, to a certain extent. If nothing else, compared to you, we are practically neighbours. And she might not be what you expect to see. So simple, huh? But get this: if you don’t like her, you don’t like me. Not that you like me in the first place, but yeah.

Cinderella Was A Western European

Your emotions are abnormal. You’re ultimately poor, no matter how rich you are by standards of Whatever-It-Is-And-Composes-Of-Right-Now and you’re not a girl. So, don’t even try to be a girl and don’t even try to think you’re equal to other people. Your sacrifice is noble and we totally have an interest in things. Now, if you had any sort of an interest, whether material or emotional, that would’ve been pathological.