I should change my name to Narcisa

This one is about quizzes as well, but smart ones. For the one with STUPID quizzes,visit yesterday’s entry. Ktnxbai.
I’ve been solving some Phd-certified and similar (reliable) personality quizzes for a while, as well as those about right partners and other stuff…and I keep on getting my star sign and my personality type. I think I Read on

MySpace? Ummm…whosespace?

Following comments to Mira’s most recent post, I came across Simon Owens’ huge rant, I thought I’d just finish Simon’s list (or at least extend it, in case someone else would like to finish it.
So, here are my additions to Simon’s 10-piece-list.
11.The front page of MySpace appears as an “Unknown error” 2-3 times a day.
12. Read on

The Good, The Bad, The 2007

OK, time for a super-boring post, a look back at 2007 for the first and last time, as even such an odd year deserves it. It was weird, from the very beginning. So, I’m glad it’s over, both according to the Gregorian and Julian calendar now. Bye-bye, so long, won’t miss you, FU.
The highlight of Read on


Since my website comes in all those amazingly porn-related searches that I mentioned a few weeks ago, I thought I’d give the audience what they demand, so here is some vegetable porn….paprika-porn, to be precise This thing popped up from a paprika at the breakfast the other day and my dad and I wanted to Read on

Happy New Year!

There’s a certain vibe in the air. Happy New Year to you!
In 2008 I resolve to freakin’ update this thing more often, like I used to. 2007 and the most of the 2006 have killed it a bit and I know I can do better than that. I sure do.

2007 > 2008

There’s a certain vibe in the air. Happy New Year to you and happy err… fourth anniversary to me, I guess I’ve graduated from whateverthismay be after four years? Am I a bachelor or a master now?:)
In 2008 I resolve to freakin’ update this thing more often, like I used to. 2007 and the most Read on

Umm…yes, a Monday and a Tuesday?

Two boring days are ahead of me and it’s the same every year. People laugh when I say that 24th and 25th December are the days made-in-heaven when it comes to maintenance on this site, Invisible Movement and the Serbian Lush site. And seriously, that’s what I’m going to be occupied with the next two Read on

Come to think…what was I thinking?

Sometimes I wonder what on earth was I thinking when I’d whipped out the database hosting my old blog. As far as I can remember, there was someone who offered me to transfer it to the new webspace, but I had dial-up at home, I probably thought I’m never going to regret it, it was Read on

This website comes up in worst Google searches ever.

Last night I flicked through the first hundred pages of my visitor logs on this domain, hoping to see some interesting keywords; as I often get the darndest ones on my John Frusciante unofficial website, Invisible Movement… such as “pornololitas”, “sex with john frusciante”, “sun movement in a year”, “famous glasgow bloopers”, “marshall major clones”, Read on