Second Time Round I Call It You

ABBA had that song named As Good As New. And I believe that many things other than romantic love – including all those types of fondness that you are not quite able to define and those you have no right to call love because they either cannot be called that or they are too ridiculous to be defined with such a term. So, yes, this is a poem about those things.

Mental Space Invaders ’16

The mental space invaders are scary people. They have one single goal and they will do everything to achieve it, regardless of how staged it may be. And the first thing they do is, for some reason, reporting to the passive person who never wanted to be a mental space invader.

I Used to Think It Was Easy…

Years ago, I used to mock other people for things such as coherence. As an adult, I know that I am nowhere near coherent. The more I look into it, the more I see that it’s always been so. So, perhaps this is the right time to get over the fear of posting non-fiction and just write whatever?

Belgrade, September 2016

I love and hate the city I live in. When I hate it, I sit inside and go out only for groceries and walking the dog. When I love it, I go…everywhere. And photos happen.

Marine Snow

It takes years, but you figure it out,
And you are no longer blue,
But why waste so much time
Drowning in the abyssal zone?
For the kind ones
Are kind to everyone but you.
And the big ones
Thank everybody but you.
And the little ones
Like them all and hate you.
At the end of the day,
It cannot be blamed on you.
But it Read on

A Nobody (Else)

I like to remember
What I thought you were
Though I prefer what
I see you are now.
I like to remember
Being a see-through panel
And thinking I was so different
From everybody else.
I was a nobody else.
I like to remember
Dreaming in vain
I like to remember
That agonising pain
I did not know was good
I do not like to put on a show.
I Read on

I Found You and I Found You Again

The world is crumbling on the inside. The new decade came with a boy sleeping under the living room table. Two days later, it was hospital corridors. Grandma’s sweet voice now saying nonsense and mixing up all works. “I work right together with you. I work right together with you. I work right together with Read on

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