Sa šakom ispod tvog teškog stopala / Your heavy foot on her hand

Another one with fairy tale references…two fairytales in here. No science or religion this time; but there’s some violence.
Sa šakom ispod tvog teškog stopala
Vetar je promenio pravac,
zavitlaj taj kišobran,
otvori druga vrata.
U ogledalu sam
i umesto da te zaključam,
baciću ključ na pod,
i onda ću ga podići,
sa šakom ispot tvog teškog stopala
i nasmešiću se
Your heavy foot on her Read on


My friend Hrvoje asked me what kind of drugs I was on when I wrote Opet, ti / You, Again. He was joking, he knows I’m straight-edge (though often caffeinated enough to see someone six next to me or think WWIII is going to happen every second); but I thought a little about it and Read on

Opet, ti / You, Again

This started out as an experiment, by naming things that are basically synonyms for their taxonomies. It ended up as a very strange representation of love in general, how love reigns a person, ruins a person, builds a person, destroys a person, makes a person dreamy, makes a person realistic. Add some deliberately placed commas Read on

Problem solarnih neutrina / Solar Neutrino Problem

Particle and nuclear physics, Macedonian fairytales, literature and religion criticism, a BANAL real-life experience of my own…oh, my! This piece is hard to understand if you’re not crazily educated. All I can advise you is to read about solar neutrino problem and figure out what is the biggest known nuclear reactor.
I wish Dinka could see Read on

Top 10 Anti-Valentine’s Day songs

I wish I knew how to play the guitar my dad bought back in the days (to be more appealing to girls) and gave to me long ago…in country/western style, with a straw hat, tight jeans and long boots (I do not own the last item); because I already have an angry Texan song… “Die, Read on

Atenţie, bălegar!

This was inspired by something I stumbled upon by accident. From what I understand, it means “Attention, manure”. All the grammar errors in the English and lack of proper letters in the original version are there on purpose.
Atenţie, bălegar!
Ljubav je gluva,
ljubav je slepa…
Atenţie, bălegar!
Atenţie, bălegar!
Ljubav je glupa,
ljubav je tupa…
Atenţie, bălegar!
Atenţie, bălegar!
Atenţie, bălegar!
Ljubav se muze,
ljubav neko Read on

A mood experiment – partly successful

I used Raining Light Bokeh Pack of textures created by my ever-so-talented acquaintance , Jane to breathe some life into two photos taken during the very depressing month of April 2009 (half of which was spent visiting dad in the hospital after a heavy stroke). I think they still look depressing.

Conclusion? They might Read on

Osveta / Revenge

This is probably a trilogy with His mother, a cloud and The only red apple…though I think I’ll be writing more about the subject. This p..m directly continues onto the one called “Pluto” I wrote in August 2006, upon hearing that Pluto’s no longer a planet.
Oduzeli ste mi prava, ubiću vas!
Pa nije podzemni svet Read on

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