A little defense of artists’ approaches I am guilty of myself

This is what I said elsewhere to people who don’t get the – for me very normal idea – of artists/creative professionals/et cetera not willing to make all of their work available to general public.
Artists are a species of their own. They’re never pleased with anything they do. As a designer and writer I Read on

Why don’t humans hibernate?

I wanted to write about 2009, about the whole decade, about the wonderful snow falling and post some more written forms, but looks like I’d prefer to hibernate. I’m too sleepy and I don’t even know why. So, that was another proof that humans are animals.
There’s also a possibility that this is a Strange Days-like Read on

This is why I love May…

…nevermind that it’s December now. This beauty is not mine, mine did not blossom in 2009 due to having been heavily trimmed, but I just wanted a sparkle of May and the scent of these beautiful flowers on a very cold day.

Ne volim te više / I don’t love you anymore

I have not writed any p..ms in ages. So, time I wrote some more. For a long period of time, almost a year, I had a problem with p-words of similar nature to the one you’re about to read actually being put on the internet as I thought I could be doing something criminal. Today, Read on

Do you remember your first time?

Da capo.
I have deleted my blog. I have reinstalled WordPress and decided to start over today. Why? Now, why today? According to my memory, which still isn’t rusty enough for me to say that I’m aging, I started my first online journal on this very date eight years ago…from an internet cafe that no Read on


…what to do with this website? I’m almost ashamed of it.

Adnan – the new hope for something.

This guy, Adnan Babajić, won the ex-YU edition of Operation Triumph. I don’t know much about his music and singing abilities, but his website sure as heck wins the title for WTF this week. I think they are replacing this with a temporary guestbook as I’m writing this, but FFS, have a look at WHAT Read on

The first big news of ’09: Love is dead!

If you found an extremely vandalised Charles Aznavour cassette tape produced in a country that went to history in 1992; under a tree that was recently trimmed, would you think love was dead?

Unexpectedly back here

Squirrelism needs more juice. I don’t think my other site has a purpose, so I deleted it this morning and I don’t think I’ll be bringing it back. Perhaps it was never meant to be. Perhaps a domain name that’s really owned by me, where I’m writing openly about everything (or as openly as someone Read on

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