Fiori Freddi // Cold Flowers // Hladni cvetovi

it's not about the freshness

Sometimes poems don’t make sense when written in one language, they seem to flow more naturally in some other…and that’s what happened here. As long as it makes me pass the last barrier and start writing in Serbian again, it’s great. Click through to read the poem.

Copy is the Original E-Book

Copy is the Original cover image

I present to you – the first draft of my new poetry thing, Copy is the Original – it starts as an elegy with lots of destruction and pain and ends as nothing but pure love. It’s dedicated to something, not somebody. But that something is what Trieste was to Joyce, what Locarno was to Remarque, what London was to Dickens and so on. This something is my emotional anchor in a way. When I’m blue, its blue chases and overpowers my blue. This something relates me to many people I love and their openness to somebody like me, their generosity and willingness to accept pretty much anybody, from any culture and understand them.


Click through for the poem and the full-sized picture.


Six of cups

Click through for the poem and the full-sized picture.

Possibly Hyperactive Friends

I’m 34. My best friend’s son is 9. My best friend is close to 38. It’s likely that we’re all more or less hyperactive, though I am the only one confirmed to be so. This is how it looks like when we have fun. My best friend does not like to be in pictures most Read on