Papirni ždralovi / Paper Cranes + a little story

It’s the 06th of August…the first from two indescribably ugly dates. And I have a little story.
In the second half of 80s and early 90s before Yugoslavia broke up, ecology was one of the most popular topics in children’s literature and our televisions were almost exclusively buying ecology and nature-related cartoons for syndication…The Bluffers, Raccoons, Read on

Gladovanje! (Ljubav, po njemu?) / Starvation! (Love, After Him?)

This is ugly. It’s probably also tasteless in some way. However, I am incredibly pleased with most of it. Perhaps it’ll need a little clean-up, perhaps not. But given what kind of carp is called poetry nowadays (I think people use poetry and other forms of artistic expression to justify their lifestyle, as if it Read on

Marijen-Aleksandra / Marianne-Alexandra

This is an imaginary conversation with Marianne-Alexandra. By the way, my parents’ names are Mirjana (but everyone calls her Marijana O_o) and Aleksandar. Oh, the confusion. The answer lies within someone slightly older than them and if you don’t like that someone, I don’t understand you. Kudos to him.
The lala and nyanya thing comes from Read on


This one is partly a betrayal of my pet peeve – I can’t stand it when people use English words just like that, to be more trendy or whatever. But in this particular case, I had to keep an English title and a single English line in this p..m, as it just cannot be translated Read on

Krhotine / Sherds

This is my 100th p..m of 2010. I usually write 20-60 per year, but I wrote a lot in 1998 and pretty much in 2005. Looks like 2010 is going to surpass everything. No boundaries.
Bomba u obliku slatkiša u mom prednjem džepu,
slatkiš u obliku bombe u mom zadnjem džepu,
i jedno i drugo su fragmenti tebe.
Ne Read on

Onda,ovo je hipoksija? / Is This Hypoxia, Then?

Today is a superproductive day in so many ways. I might even get everything done, for a change. Of course, I’m talking about work. However, not even being busy can stop me from writing. Similar waves of inspiration lead me to getting disastrous grades in unrelated subjects in high school…but I loved that, as it Read on

Some illustrations and applying for another slam

Looks like I never wrote about that here, but I participated in a great monthly slam on the 26th of June (which is funny). I was reading two – Retrograde-Circular Methamorphosis which made people laugh, as I turned it into a very dramatic dialogue representing the so-called A and B characters and Wrong Read on