Spoken word version of Puppy, Candy, Kitty

Yes, I am trying to be an active poet, next to being an active designer and an amateur photographer. The last thing is going to result in four photographs being published, the second is what brings Pepsi Max and instant cheesy macaroni to table (I do like fine foods, just kiddin’), the first is what Read on

My first p..m, from 22 years ago

I want to share this. I am not sure of its exact date, the year is 1988. I took a pencil and a paper and started writing it. After the pencil broke twice, my dad took the paper and told me to dictate the p..m to him. So I did. There was a gap of Read on

Tako se ne probija zid / That is not how you break a wall

Remember the freaky swallows that were defending that moody flower? In the next episode, the narrator turns into a swallow.
The flower is now a human and that human apparently has the power of breaking the walls, but not the right way. Having found a swallow that obviously needs something, they place it in a soft Read on

Volim / I Love

This is one of those just-for-the-sake-of-it p..ms. It’s about never appreciating the present and always wanting either the past or future. It’s probably below average.


This is not about people, I promise. The star sign is used as a symbol of one thing going in one and one in other direction. But if it ever gets published without any explanation, it could get people confused and make them think it’s about split personalities or some other concept that was used Read on

Cvet poput tebe / A Flower Like You / Un fiore come te

I wrote all three versions of this within five minutes on Monday, while talking to my friend Eleni. They’re partly inspired by Flower from Bambi and a photo at the very end of this post. The flower I photographed looked horrible, but it was so beautiful at the same time. Like Trampy from The Shoe Read on

Jurnjava za lutkom / Chasing The Doll

Wrong Star was seriously missing mass destruction and action scenes with vehicles. Without mass destruction and vehicles, it just cannot get the desired feedback in the modern times, right?
I am not sure if this really is a p..m. It’s the third longest thing I have ever written, after an epic called Adventures of Blue Spark, Read on

Žongler / Juggler

I wrote this while sitting at a bakery/cafe in Novi Sad, waiting for the first morning bus. It was probably around 3 in the morning. Basically, I was writing a draft for a more complicated p..m for the Wrong Star series and I suddenly had an idea for something else.
Žonglira diabolom,
izbegavajući bele golubove.
Žonglira belim golubovima,
izbegavajući Read on


On Saturday, I went to Novi Sad to spend a day with a friend and attend musical programme during the opening night of Cinemacity, as Juliette Lewis was performing live for free. While on the bus, I remembere that the back of the ticket was blank and bigger than one for city public transportation. So, Read on

Zmaj među krovovima / Dragon Among The Rooftops

When things are looking bleak and when something turns out to have a sudden odd spin, an incredibly radical outcome, my way has always been the same, ever since the pre-teen years: I suddenly value every single second of the previous, details pop up and every single second of them is suddenly worth one full Read on

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