Zenice su im prepune sunca / So Much Sun In Their Pupils

This started off as a Wrong Star p..m…hence the other side of the fence motif. However, it ends up in the Forever Nine hopelessness. Just like the most of the Forever Nine p..ms, there’s a question the observer/narrator isn’t able to respond to at the very end. Also, I’m not really into such short forms, Read on

Clockwork Flower in all its glory

I overuse the phrase “clockwork flower” in Wrong Star p..ms. I thought I’d explain where it comes from.
A little more than three years ago, on st. George’s day 2007 (which would be the 06th of May here), I had a row with a guy who was driving me insane. Let’s say that he was pretending Read on

Zaglavljeni / Stuck

This is going to be a weak one. I had a great idea, but it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted to. I like p..ms where you can pin-point details precise by, like, centimetres and milimetres, but I don’t think this is strong enough. It’s supposed to be a nightmare version of what Read on

Krilato žapče / Winged Froggy

Before I sat down to release this to public (whatever my public is), two people read it. One of them said that it would be interesting if it was music, the other said that it could get away as a children’s song. I don’t know if I would go that far, given the common assumption Read on

Ne drmusaj drvo / Stop Shaking The Tree

This one is a rewrite of a p..m that I wrote in August 2006 and originally titled Leaves. The narrator here isn’t necessarily a living being, he/she/it could be something abstract. The imagery is a bit tasteless at some points, but I actually have one p..m with worse imagery, from the same year. OK, two. Read on

Dva po ceni jednog / Two For The Price Of One

Oh look, here comes a weaker joint. It’s not in the Wrong Star series and there’s actually something brilliant about it: it’s not about what it’s about! It doesn’t touch its own matter. It’s like rain about to fall that never falls. It’s full of historical references, too…but seriously, it does not advertise anything. It’s Read on

Veslanje u prazno / Paddling Over Nothing

I sat down at the break of dawn, hoping to write a p..m where there’s at least one ferris wheel…if not two: one that never spun and one that’s constantly spinning. Instead of that, I suddenly thought of two dates bearing the same number – the date that inevitably happened and the date that didn’t Read on

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