Skitnica / Tramp

Talk later. Can’t think much. Wrote this in June, finished it last week.
U tvom slučaju, uputstvo za otvaranje kutije je u kutiji,
sočan od ljubavi, presušio od ljubavi, sve-od-ljubavi.
Skitnice, skitnice…hej, skitnice.
Pre pet godina, rado bih dala život za tebe.
No, danas bih više volela da
voliš za mene,
uradiš ovo za mene,
uradiš ono za mene,
sve sem onoga što si Read on

Hiperbanana / Hyperbanana

This was outlined on the 13th of August, yet it goes live only today. I was reading up on fruits yesterday, and I think the phrase “going bananas” has a whole new meaning for me.
B is not present in this p..m, A is talking about what happened in the Nowhereland, but she’s not actually there.
Jedne Read on


This should have been posted yesterday. But, very fitting for the date 13th September, we learnt that dad will have to undergo radiotherapy as of today. The story is complicated and therefore I’ll tell it some other time. For now, this is for Leide.
You should also have a look at Imagine and Lighthouse, His Read on


A friend told me that this might be the darkest Wrong Star p..m she’s read so far.
A was buried in ______?, this time it’s B. The story continues directly onto Pine Cone Phone, I assume that it happens right before Retrograde-Circular Metamorphosis and there’s the Little Bad Wolf (wondering if Lelei still finds that Read on

Kletva pravih zvezda / Real Stars’ Curse

Family member is in hospital, seriously ill. Got a full-time job, but faced with the previous and its combo with overdue freelancing, I have to reconsider everything, probably even breathing. Yet, I am writing. I have to!
I assume this is mid-to-late 1940s and a warning from the stars (not in a spiritual way…sorry to disappoint Read on

Šišarkofon / Pine Cone Phone

I was missing the explanation for how A and B met in the Nowhereland. So, here is how it goes. There’s some luring, whether accidental or completely intended. There’s up, there’s down, there’s something that isn’t really a telephone and probably wouldn’t work. Then A breaks it.
This one would be perfectly possible to film, too. Read on

Kotao / The Cauldron

I broke the theme. Not sure how that happened, but for a couple of days, the site will look boring. Then again, a break was nice because I started receiving some unwanted attention from some unwanted people.
I have to state one thing all over again. I am concerned that recently people have been thinking that Read on

Devojka robopečurka / Mushroomrobot Girl

This was written on the place even the kings walk to. That’s about how much time I had for anything else other than fixing own mistakes and getting real work done. I hope it doesn’t ruin anyone’s impression of it. It partly comes from a place mouldier than old toilets, anyway.
Devojka robopečurka
Hoću da odvedem moju Read on

Ražalovani patuljak / Unmade Dwarf

This seems pretty simple, a 4×3, with an actual common rhyme in both versions. I am not sure if “unmade” was the adjective I needed, I was looking for one describing a person whose duty/honour/permission was revised and taken away.
The story, in the global way of reading it, isn’t any different than Revenge. A ridiculous, Read on


I’m on a break from ALL mailing, social networking and even instant messaging until I’m done with mild overdue, moderately overdue and insanely overdue; otherwise I wouldn’t be able to look at anyone’s eyes. But when there’s a piece of writing, there’s a piece of writing and it has to go online once.
There’s no A Read on