Krhotine / Sherds

This is my 100th p..m of 2010. I usually write 20-60 per year, but I wrote a lot in 1998 and pretty much in 2005. Looks like 2010 is going to surpass everything. No boundaries.
Bomba u obliku slatkiša u mom prednjem džepu,
slatkiš u obliku bombe u mom zadnjem džepu,
i jedno i drugo su fragmenti tebe.
Ne Read on

Onda,ovo je hipoksija? / Is This Hypoxia, Then?

Today is a superproductive day in so many ways. I might even get everything done, for a change. Of course, I’m talking about work. However, not even being busy can stop me from writing. Similar waves of inspiration lead me to getting disastrous grades in unrelated subjects in high school…but I loved that, as it Read on

Some illustrations and applying for another slam

Looks like I never wrote about that here, but I participated in a great monthly slam on the 26th of June (which is funny). I was reading two – Retrograde-Circular Methamorphosis which made people laugh, as I turned it into a very dramatic dialogue representing the so-called A and B characters and Wrong Read on

Klot & frket / Knit & Purl

I think I have fever, probably caused by hormones, not an illness. So, this is what happens when I have fever. Not a part of any of the two series so far. Perhaps I need a third series.
Klot & frket
Oslobodi moje zamršene snove i pusti ih da polete,
imam ceo bataljon tegova u ovim cipelama,
kao novine, Read on

Lažnjak / Fake

My friend Lelei partly got me to writing this one. In a conversation with her, we realised that everyone else, especially guys, gets a real kick out of harrassing good girls.
How rare is the good girl thing? Probably so rare that the things such as natural looks are now a part of carefully-tailored looks. How Read on

Snovi crne boje / Dreams painted black

This took as long to write as Chasing The Doll did and I believe it’s the second longest p..m of the series. It was inspired by an episode of the French cartoon series Sharky & Georges which my parents said was not a good thing to put in a children’s cartoon, at least not yet. Read on

L’esprit de l’Escalier (RS/HR/BA, EN and ITA)

This is a Forever Nine p..m, written a couple of days ago. I originally wanted it to go live on the 22nd or 23rd, but I cannot wait that long and I’m sure I’ll come up with an even bigger esprit de l’escalier by that day.
This is an autobiographical story. It’s touching the same bizzare Read on

Svetionik / Lighthouse

For this episode, Wrong Star is moving to the north…and to the east…crossing a border that wasn’t always a border, it’s taking a step below its usual intensity. If you speak many languages, the title is a dead giveaway when translated to the right language. I mean, if you have a clue. This is a Read on

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