Ja nisam umetnik / I Am Not An Artist

I kept on looking at three people who are a part of everyday life in this big city- two women and one man and they inspired me. Thank you, all three of you. Your idiocy moves me to great heights, yet I’m not too good for your blasé world….and a bunch of others’ blasé worlds, Read on

Two years of iva-is.me

This domain turned two on Monday. I almost forgot it, as I renewed it on time; unlike last year when I had no income, when my mother refused to lend me money and when Anca saved the day, which I thank her for.
It’s been two years of odd, odd and nothing but odd. Read on

Jaganjci će postati oblaci / Lambs Shall Become Clouds

The unmodified verses 3 and 4 of this were originally a p..m of their own that never really developed, as it had no story and it wasn’t making a statement for months, until the rest just wrote itself this morning. Originally, B was meant to be compared to some sort of a black lamb (bad Read on

Muljanje mulja / Oozing The Ooze

Happy 48th anniversary of the day we could’ve all died, dear friends. Don’t be aggressive, watch who you’re voting for and don’t let the violence in media motivate you and brainwash you into thinking a terminal disaster would be awesome.
Here’s a pathetic p..m full of love – a female claims her love is like Read on


July 2008. Dad and I sat in the car on a rain day near the end of a month full of surprises – visiting our friends in Slovenia, a day trip to Trieste (my first to Italy in 20 years), my first and to date only visit to the EXIT festival when Gogol Bordello and Read on


This story features a somewhat disturbing and graphic description of death, atheist statements and an insulting word or two against some former friends, some friends of former friends and someone who will, I hope, come to his senses and remain a friend. If you’re too weak to read it, do not read it.
Some would ask Read on

Lučki kran / A Port Crane

I realised I never posted this here and it’s been in drafts for weeks. Here it goes.
Given a port and cranes actually being present in “Wrong Star” as a part of decoration and props, this poem can sneak in. Otherwise, the story is simple: I didn’t know how to name a photo of a port Read on

1…23 (trilingual)

This was originally written in Italian on the 21st of September. Today I added the Serbian and English versions.
1…23 can be anything. It can be as easy as one, two, three, but the 1 can be clearly separated from 2 and 3 in many ways. In both cases, it touches time, but they’re not the Read on