Had You // Imala sam te

I actually wrote one thing during the worst month of my entire life. I am leaving it the way it is, without punctuation, fixes etc. It perfectly illustrates my state of mind back then.

Release // Oslobađanje

A poem of sheer hopelessness from back in May. I have some May-July material, but none of it is good and neither is this.

Wrong Star e-book

Click here.
Yes, another poetry book, if you feel like reading. I put the e-book together in November 2016, but I waited today to post it. The subject matter is well-researched, just like in the other book I offered this month, perhaps even too well-researched; but though both books appear to start with some sort of Read on

Fiori Freddi // Cold Flowers // Hladni cvetovi

it's not about the freshness

Sometimes poems don’t make sense when written in one language, they seem to flow more naturally in some other…and that’s what happened here. As long as it makes me pass the last barrier and start writing in Serbian again, it’s great. Click through to read the poem.

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