Nečije nešto / Someone’s Something

I don’t understand Valentine’s Day. While it’s nice to see sweets on sale when both that one and the Women’s Day on 08th March have passed us by and while it surely is nice to see a lot of pink things everywhere (pink is second next to green in terms of awesomeness and I cannot Read on


Writing inspiration is here again! How on Earth did it happen? The other day, my mother talked to my aunt about how she was careful when making food for the patron saint day we had yesterday (which only one of my close real-life friends actually remembered – ironically, the catholic girl).
Have mercy. It’s actually my Read on

The traditional end-of-year-survey, year 9

I do these every year with my friend Jordi. The 2008 one was on Facebook (and I think I got rid of it or made it private because I hated some things I wrote), the old ones were on LJ, the 2009 one is on this blog. So, here goes my 2010, an item that Read on

Tempirani cvet IV / Clockwork Flower IV

This one will need a lot of work, especially structure-wise. I already took a photo with the name Clockwork Flower in 2007 and came up with the whole clockwork flower idea as long ago as late 2006. I am not sure how it came to be, just like the word snowcookies, it’s probably related to Read on

Čuvar praznih soba / Keeper Of The Empty Rooms

Loyalty – a very interesting matter and, for some reason, I forgot to run it through the mill of the boggy marshes of the Wrong Star world.
Why would anyone take care of the empty rooms if they could do something else, e.g. take care of really busy, fancy rooms? Why would anyone be messing Read on


Keleti. The most romantic place in the world I’ve seen so far. A huge, old train station in Budapest. Many films and music videos wouldn’t have the same vibe they have when recorded at that particular place. A good example of that is Sarah Connor’s From Sarah With Love, guaranteed to shatter dreams and make Read on

On kaže, ona kaže / He Says, She Says

Might be an angry moment. Might be a prequel to Wrong Star. Might actually not mean a thing. Written a couple of months ago and since it was not published, why not publish it. It definitely integrates the place where Wrong Star is happening, as well as another place which is, in my humble opinion, Read on

Ne-Ljubav / No-Love

Love is a many…no, wait. Love is a word used without thinking about it. It’s unclear what some people call love, it’s unclear why there are those who filter love based on their perception of what it should be, it’s unclear why some people reject love and symbolically rip apart those who have no other Read on

Kraj duge / End Of The Rainbow

This was more or less mandatory. There were a couple of where A died, and, in Lambs Shall Become Clouds, it is impied that both A and B die for an undiclosed reason. So, there should’ve been one where B dies and A does not die.
Assuming that B is a spectacular person, it Read on