Ne-Ljubav / No-Love

Love is a many…no, wait. Love is a word used without thinking about it. It’s unclear what some people call love, it’s unclear why there are those who filter love based on their perception of what it should be, it’s unclear why some people reject love and symbolically rip apart those who have no other Read on

Kraj duge / End Of The Rainbow

This was more or less mandatory. There were a couple of where A died, and, in Lambs Shall Become Clouds, it is impied that both A and B die for an undiclosed reason. So, there should’ve been one where B dies and A does not die.
Assuming that B is a spectacular person, it Read on

Dušan, November 2010

Dušan - November 2010 - photo 04

My friend Marija’s toddler son is one of the funniest children ever. Whether it’s one of his made-up adventures with crocodiles, whether it’s his incredibly squeaky voice, whether it’s picking the most unexpected words ever or accidentally coming up with them in a whole confusion of syllabiles, he’s guaranteed to make his mother, grandmother and Read on

Funkyblog WordPress theme – alpha

So, I worked on this website. I went on and linked everyone I know who had a blog written in a language other than my native language. There are a couple that I can barely read, but it doesn’t really matter. I also hid all the pages but those about Miki and me, as they Read on

Inspiration – it comes from the strangest situations…

Last night, I learnt that a friend whom life hasn’t been treating well and who’s had way too much going on for only three decades of life is in trouble. Serious trouble. I tried to comfort him with some goofy remarks and a person whom I don’t know that well, but have mutual friends with Read on

Baca veliku senu / Casts A Large Shadow

Small Man, Large Shadow illustration

This is like Graograman in Pel(er)in, but creepier. Many thanks to Lucy, as talking to her inspired me to start writing this one. I suddenly had the 7th verse composed in my mind – within 30 seconds. In two languages. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, actually; if you go for what it reminds you of Read on

Ona, ona, ona…ši / She, she, she…Shi.

Anyone up for a strange salad?
I kept on thinking about tetraphobia (fear of number 4), common in eastern and southeastern Asia. I kept on thinking about the symbolism of wormwood throughout history and the fact that its Latin name and the name of its genus came from the goddess of war, Arthemis. Funny enough, in Read on

Snovokradica / Dreamthief

Not sure if the Wrong Star gremlins want me to post this. :p As I was finalising English version and writing a birthday card for Petra, I felt that Starsplash’s Fly Away is causing my entire chair to vibrate. I know dance music brings vibes, but this was different. It ended up being an earthquake.
This Read on

100 Watt Light Bulb

This was a strange experiment, from a couple of days ago. I looked at my shopping lisg t and saw the last item on it – a 100 watt light bulb. I wondered if I can write a p..m inspired by that, a super-short one. It worked out. It’s about inspiration overload in 2010.

Sijalica od Read on

Kako je to bilo / How It Was

This was the most challenging p..m in the entire series. I needed to read a book containing too much of tech and science lingo in a language that’s neither my first, my second nor my third. I named this p..m after that particular book.
This one is about some sort of a trial simulating another Read on

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