St. Nicolas!

Yes,you’ve read it right.St.Nicolas or,how we call him,Sveti Nikola,is today!!!No,we don’t put candies in the boots,but some families celebrate this saint as their protector.We call days like that “slava”.For example,my slava is St.Athanasos (Sveti Atanasije) on 31st January.So,today was my aunt’s slava.The good thing about it is that there was my five-year older cousin and Read on

So,this is my first update that will really mean something!!!

All the previous ones were just tests because I didn’t have the time to work here…
I feel like singing,so I’ll post two songs by Die Happy
can’t deny it
we are flying
through the time so fast like n oone ever did before
always faster
without breaking
with a supersonic speed to make us really strong
it’s still not enough
there’s no Read on

My first entry

That’s my first post here…Silke has been begging me to sign in and I did it,just to get her out of my back…then I saw that this is cool and I am sorry for having bad thoughts about my friend…