Mama says…

…that now I can talk about the components of my future computer,because it’s so sure that I am getting it very soon…I want to have a scanner and CD recorder,but she says that those are not important things….of course,I am worried about internet because our telephone central is 60 years old and soooo bad….and we Read on


Still feeling the same…and even worse…would like to kill the bustards…

The Eighties Pop Act Test deems me:

50% Eighties Pop Act

You are The Smiths: You were a peripheral player in the eighties, people thought it was cool to be your friend, but they never really wanted to spend time with you. Go watch Twin Read on


I am so sad today…since the moment I turned on the TV and took a browse through the DSF teletext I started crying.I am still doing it and I can’t help it.On the 2nd January 2002 will start the thing against which I was fighting for so long.47 hectars of my fave wood on this Read on


I know that some people have the xmas today and I would like to wish them all the best,but,anyway I dunno what to write…

About me

Yes,you read this and you might not know enough about the user named MissHardt.So,I filled one of those annoying net surveys…
Full Name: Iva Tanackovic (we usually don’t have any middle names here!)
Nicknames:I have them only on the net and they are Squirrel,Supersonic Squirrel,maslacak97,MissHardt…
Birthday: 3rd March 1983.
Age: 18
Born In: Beograd,Yugoslavia
City/State you live in: Beograd,Yugoslavia
Boy/Girlfriend: Not yet
What Read on


It’s snowing!!!Well,that’s not the first time this year,but it’s sure the first time in the period that’s officially called “winter”.It looks like a scene from those movies about the far north.After less than two hours everything’s gone white. i am sitting by the window and looking at the lamppost on the other side of the Read on


I am really sorry for posting this much later after writing it,but,hey,that’s the only possiblity.Today I am going to talk about some of my oppinions on foreign people.No,don’t get me wrong,I don’t hate anybody,I just think that we all lead totally different lives.For example,some people who I’ve been talking to don’t even know where do Read on


Oh,this damn song’s been playing in my head all day long!I dunno how to get rid of it.I even complained to my mum during our regular friday tea-break,but she only said that my will power can remove that song from my mind.Today I screwed up my site.I forgot to upload the frameset,so it’s unavailable at Read on

No comment!

I was playing a role of the teacher today..two of my uni mates who came to Beograd from a small town wanted to try the internet for the very first time in their lives.I took them to the club and after a couple of minutes they had their very own email addresses…I also tought them Read on