I am Charlotte..and Belle…and…and….

Which HP Kid Are You?

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

So,I am myself!:)

I wanted to be a strawberry,but I never make it!
What Hanson Album Are You?
Strange..that’s the name of my fave song..but it’s not Hanson!

I am a Pacman Ghost.
I like to hang around with friends, chatting, dancing, all that sort Read on

One more Friday…

Well…this is not the regular thime when I write into my Livejournal but what the hey!This computer thing is soaking up the rest drops of normal life out of me..I decided not to use the PC late in the night,only if I see Marina coming..the biggest s**t is that connection is doing very good in Read on


I’ve been feeling a little different today..was spying someone somewhere and I got the feeling if I had really done somethinmg bad to that person.instead of thinking that she did it to me…maybe I am really a bad person….

Just to make myself sleepy!

*a bum*
a use of precious time, money and resources added to the party mostly because you play an important part in the story.
either that or you are the guy at the bar who says “times are tough” everytime the player’s character tries to talk to you.
<–algus. mean bully!alma. rescue her. often.–>

[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]

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Understanding: yes.
Open-minded: yes.
Arrogant: Yes
Insecure: yes
Interesting: No,I think people are running away from me
Hungry: Always
Friendly: *Hickup*
Smart: Yes,but no one has yet realised it
Childish: Too much
Independent: Not at all
Hard working: Yes
Organized: No
Healthy: Not at the moment
Emotionally Stable: No way!I am a case!
Shy: Yes,too much
Difficult: Yes
Attractive: As a wheel of a tractor
Bored Easily: Yes
Thirsty: Yes
Responsible: Most of Read on

OMG…I have my own computer!!!!!It’s been in my room for more than 24 hours now and I still can’t believe how happy I am!I have been waiting since 1997 to have it and now it’s here…I have Windows XP,compared to whcih all the others are crap…my user picture is a kitten,my background is Jacques training Read on


As I’ve told before I am very happy.Suddenly,everything turned better to me.It was about 16:00 at Friday when I finished my regular Friday net-surfing and went home.When I cam there I saw that my parents are very happy,like they haven’t been for years.Since it was womens’ day,I got a present from mommy,a violet.I named it Read on


Congragulations to me!I managed to make a livejournal I’ll be proud of!It has Hardt as the background and it’s transparent!Actually,I’ve stolen the css from Laura,but I hope she will forgive me:)

You are completely bananas…probably about socks and Jesus!
Find out what YOUR inner non-sequitur is!
quiz by A.V. Phibes

Just wanted to play today..no hard work…