Just to post tests before I post a really bad thing

If i was a serial killer i would be Albert Fish.
Albert Fish was a masochistic, pedophile obsessed with religious themes such as sin, sacrifice, and redemption through pain. It is believed that he would force his own children to beat him with a nail studded paddle until he bled. He would also stick nails Read on

Iva the racer..& some lessons..

I had a long phone talk with Teodora,my highschool friend…the one who had an affair with principal,but broke up…since we haven’t been talking for so long,I didn’t know what’s happening…and I wish she’s never told me…they got back again and they went for a walk after his classes at the high school..he wanted Read on

Surveys posted 6 hours later…

1. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others?: Eyes,definitelly
2. Would you vote for a woman candidate for prime minister?: Yes,since we never had one
3. Would you marry for money?Nooooooo!!!
4. Have you had braces?:Yes,for two weeks and then they fell off!
5. Do you pluck your eyebrows?: Not anymore
6. Do you ever cut Read on


I am pissed off!Why doesn’t internet work properly whenever it rains?The only thing I can do is write my journal,but nothing else..not even view a lausy website!

An ordinary morning

I am soooo disappointed about the Oscar night….no,I am not a LOTR fan and I don’t really care…but I wanted “Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain” to win an Oscar for the best foreign movie…but the Bosnians got it instead.which is pure American propaganda,as usual.Why the hell do they care about Bosna so much?I don’t.Those people Read on

The memories of 24th March

I’ve been feeling very bad today….and I don’t have one,but two reasons for that…
Three years ago…
Today is 24th March.Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you people who’ve never been missing anything in your life,who’ve never been in real danger.So,turn off your radios and CD players and listen to me.This is serious.On this day,3 years ago,at Read on

One cute survey!

With parents,I have my own room and I would never leave!
“Ada” by Momo Kapor,”The Divine Comedy” and “Vita Nuova” by Dante,”The best loveletters from books” and “Rebecca” by Daphnee di Mornoe
Some guy on a jetski
What game is a board Read on

I am Charlotte..and Belle…and…and….

Which HP Kid Are You?

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

So,I am myself!:)

I wanted to be a strawberry,but I never make it!
What Hanson Album Are You?
Strange..that’s the name of my fave song..but it’s not Hanson!

I am a Pacman Ghost.
I like to hang around with friends, chatting, dancing, all that sort Read on

One more Friday…

Well…this is not the regular thime when I write into my Livejournal but what the hey!This computer thing is soaking up the rest drops of normal life out of me..I decided not to use the PC late in the night,only if I see Marina coming..the biggest s**t is that connection is doing very good in Read on


I’ve been feeling a little different today..was spying someone somewhere and I got the feeling if I had really done somethinmg bad to that person.instead of thinking that she did it to me…maybe I am really a bad person….

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