I survived.

I closed my MSN chats with Laura and the girl.I went to the dinning room and turned the TV on.I swithced to DSF.I was sweating,which I never actually do,my hands were shaking and in moments I was forgeting to breathe.Yes,it’s love.It’s not about a handome man and his sexual attraction,it’s not about holding hands and Read on

I want to thank to everyone who said I am not the person some people see,but just someone who never looks before she leaps and a very vulnerable one indeed…
Hvala Marina!Da nije bilo tebe,ja nocas ne bih ni zaspala!
Thank you,the girl.Lately we’ve became very friendly and I think we found we have a lot in Read on


Last night I deleted my journal…but I decided to activate it again because of some people who like to read it.I would like everybody who feels so to remove me off the friends list.I understand that people are ashamed to hvae anything with me because I am a bad person,although my mother says it’s all Read on

Ok,I’ll confess!

I am doing all this because I am jealous at one small thing about some of the people I know.I know taht this year they will leave my dream and I can’t face it.Now you can do anything you want to me,but that’s the true.
And the other fact is that I’ve been pissed off for Read on


That’s what I really want to say today.My Outlook express doesn’t work!

This used to be my playground (used to be)
This used to be our pride and joy
This used to be the place we ran to
That no one in the world could dare destroy
This used to be our playground (used to be)
This used to be our childhood dream
This used to be the place we Read on

A million-dollar quiz:

I am watching a Nick Heidfeld chips commercial…what do I say?
1.Lucky that little boy,he met Nick.
2.Lucky Nick,he’s eating chips!
3.Lucky guys,check out where they are!
Who knows the right answer????

One poem…

This is not a love poem.
There’s no gifted women and wishful men.
There’s no dark corners,silk and the sheets.
There’s no wedding bells and baby’s cry.
This is a different poem.
The women are stupid and the men very busy.
There are ugly corners,dust and machine sounds.
There is “beware”,”watch out” and “get away”.
This is not a war poem.
There’s no political Read on

F**K F**K F**K! This is hell!!!!!

Does anyone have a pill for nerves.I think I want to die right now!
Look at this!(yes,that’s a link to a picture.I thought it’s too violent to be posted.So,basically,when you’re looking at this page background,you should know it doesn’t exist anymore….:( )


First:Yau,I did it at last!

Take the “Which skater
are you? ” test by Supersonic Squirrel
Now some other things..I didn’t like the yesterday’s race and I agree with my father who says that F1 will not be a sport anymore if Michael wins in Spain.But my oppinion is different.I don’t mind if he wins in Spain,I don’t Read on

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