This was written in November 2008, I am not 100% sure and I’m lazy to check, but I think it was the 19th of November. There were two options for the title, 3300000000000000000000000000000 and 0,000000000000000000000000000000333, I obviously opted for the later. What a…flattering title.
My 2008 stuff is a sick, sick mess and I am not Read on

Nikako bez šećera! / Absolutely Not Sugar-Free!

We all have tough times growing up. If your growing up is somewhat belated, perhaps you’ll end up being pulled out of some childhood stereotypes by someone who’s in their 30s. Perhaps they’ll be right about some things and horribly wrong about some others, due to having double standards. They might go as far as Read on

Osvetli moje mostove / Light My bridges /Illumina i miei ponti

Osvetli moje mostove
Birajući jata svitaca,
umesto bisera
da osvetlim svoje mostove;
groteskno, a ne suptilno.
Osvetli moje mostove…hoćeš li?
Birajući jata reči,
umesto mesa
da nacrtam svoju sliku;
agresivno, a ne istinski.
Nacrtaj mi sliku…hoćeš li?
Birajući jato pravog
umesto škole sad-odmah;
kao idiot, a ne idealista.
Dođi…hoćeš li?
Light My Bridges
Choosing schools of fireflies,
Instead of pearls
To light my bridges;
I come accross as
Grotesque, not subtle.
Light my bridges…would you?
Choosing schools Read on

Blatobrani su mi se uspavali / My Splashboards Have Fallen Asleep

Haven’t been to Nowhereland in quite a while. To my understanding, the real-life Nowhereland is currently off limits to mere mortals. It was good while it lasted, I guess. So, Ana is revisiting January Black after having spent some time wondering what the Little Bad Wolf and everyone else are doing. She ends up not Read on

Džukac / Mutt

Ja sam tvoj džukac,
ti si Anin džukac,
bar tako kažu neki čudaci.
Kad sam bila mala,
mislila sam,
kad porastem
biću Ana
i bićeš moj džukac.
Izem ti mene,
veselo lajuckam,
u poslednje vreme i kad digneš nekom rep.
Čudan sam ti ja džukac!
Hoću da budem nečiji džukac.
Ne znam da čitam.
Nemam pojma šta mi piše na ogrlici,
znam samo da ne piše da sam tvoj džukac.
I’m Read on

Gama beba / Gamma Baby

This is really brutal. I started writing it early in April when I was super-angry and then I felt ashamed that I wrote something as evil as that. Eventually, the mythological half of it will be kept for something from Wrong Star, as it’s too good to be right here, right now.
As of the moment Read on

Lišće / Leaves

Before Wrong Star et cetera, I used to be more subtle. I’m glad I no longer am that way, at least not when it comes to writing, as I really do prefer it sharp. This was written in August 2006 and it’s probably visionary in some way…or a pure, pure coincidence. It probably has something Read on

Izdišući bicikle / Breathing Out Bicycles

33 minutes into the second half of 2011. I wrote this on the bus today, coming home from a client-friend’s place.
Izdišući bicikle
Kao knjiga koja se sama otvorila na pogrešnoj strani,
kao glumac koji je skačući sa litice završio na bini,
ja sam, ja sam, ja sam, ja sam…
Izdišem bicikle u širom otvoreni svemir,
sve dok on ne eksplodira Read on

Do stay.

This little website never lived to the glory of my first domain, supersonicsquirrel.net and the second, squirrelism.net, despite having quality content, mostly poetry. Last week, it had a large amount of visitors, duet to that Amy Winehouse viral video sensation.
Was that nice? Partly, yes. And partly, no.
So, yes. This is simple: all of you Read on

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