Na raskršću / On The Crossroads

Nikola, my dad’s long-term friend and now my and mother’s friend once freaked out when I told him that nonsense sentences come to my mind when I fall asleep and that I wish I could write them. When I told him some of those, he said: “Please, don’t tell this to anyone, people will be Read on

Kesa bez kostiju / Bag With No Bones

Kesa bez kostiju
A ja sam noćas spavala pod sivom tavanicom,
i posmatrala kako se na njoj formiraju sazvežđa,
ne primećujući da je upravo svitalo,
te da te zvezde svakako ne dolaze s neba.
Dovraga, gde sam ja to?
Kako sam stigla ovde?
Hoću li i odavde biti izbačena?
Naravno da hoću.
Sećam se samo da sam pala sa jednog groznog mesta,
da su mi Read on

Tegla / Jar

Random thoughts on totally random people’s relationships, I don’t even know the female in the story that inspired me, I just heard of her. But that’s enough for this one.
Našao ju je na drugoj strani zemlje,
ubedio ju je da ga je oduvek volela,
a onda ju je zatvorio u veliku teglu,
spolja polepivši sopstvene portrete.
I on meni Read on

Ludi konj / The Insane Horse

I started writing this late in April, with a specific horse in mind. I’m not sure if the said horse is still alive, but he indeed held the territory inside of a specific circle and seemed to be really posessive about it.
And then? I lost the poem and I found it tonight, while complaining to Read on

Svi su hteli tvoj motorkolač / Everyone wanted your motorcake

Svi su hteli tvoj motorkolač
Svi su hteli tvoj motorkolač,
zato ga niko stvarno neće imati,
svi su hteli tvoj motorkolač,
zato tu više nema ničeg da se oseti.
Ptice malog mozga.
Ptice tako malog mozga.
Svi su hteli tvoj motorkolač,
niko više tu neće progledati,
svi su hteli tvoj motorkolač,
niko tu ništa više neće biti.
Ptice malog mozga.
Ptice tako malog mozga.
Everyone wanted your motorcake
Everyone Read on

Pismo Mikiju / A Letter To Mickey

This is the second offspring of what I came up with yesterday and explained with the last poem.
Want its meaning? Actually, I’m comfortable with sharing: when we were children, there was a magazine called Mikijev zabavnik, about Mickey Mouse and co. There was a section with readers’ letters, called Mikijeva pošta (Mickey’s mail) and children Read on

Cveće kao jagode / Flowers Like Strawberries

This is strange. I just went for a walk with two awesome people: a friend I’ve had for quite a while and a new and a very interesting one. And we passed by an old man selling flowers. He literally threw himself in my face, persuing me to buy a bonnet. His explanation was that Read on

Berbazupčanika / Cogsforaging

I’m not sure what is this. The last poem I wrote in the first half of 2011 had a bicycle in it and I didn’t know why. Since then, they’ve grown mechanical, though there’s absolutely nothing mechanical about this month. In fact, the first half of 2011 could’ve been described as mechanical in many aspects.
A Read on


This was written in November 2008, I am not 100% sure and I’m lazy to check, but I think it was the 19th of November. There were two options for the title, 3300000000000000000000000000000 and 0,000000000000000000000000000000333, I obviously opted for the later. What a…flattering title.
My 2008 stuff is a sick, sick mess and I am not Read on

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