This was written on the 1st of May 2013 and I thought about a moment when it will be appropriate to post it…now is OK.

Njegov dom biće ljubav / His home will be love

This is not the first poem I have written in 2013, it’s the third. I wrote two more this month, after a very long break; but this is the only poem that feels complete. I just let the word flow, so I’m not sure what exactly I wrote somehow.

New looks

February 2012 redesign - tablet, portrait view

This website’s previous theme was never finished due to various circumstances. Before that, it was using various free and paid themes for two years. It was about time it got some personal touch and a theme that doesn’t distract the reader much, yet looks pleasing. And look, ma, it works on smartphones, too.

Square (a novella)

This has been brewing inside for precisely four years until I have finally written it on 22nd and 23rd of January this year, spending 12 + 8 hours at the computer, manically typing and biting my tongue to the point I could barely eat. For years, I have been trying to describe a bizarre, surrealistic yet absurd event, but that was not it. This is it.

Gramps And The Jumbling Man. Cherries, Too.

After some time, having lost Siniša somewhere inbetween the 3000th happy-new-year greeting and the winter’s end, Gramps came back to his home street. He hasn’t been looking around it for a while. He wanted to see the cherry blossoms, but it appears he had missed that as well. The Sun was already too high in Read on

Šta sam danas jela / What I Ate Today

This poem was written sometime in 2012, as the first reaction to something, that was then completely different after I slept on it. While it doesn’t matter what I actually reacted to and why was the reaction so strange; it does matter that I really ate what I described on the day I wrote it.

The traditional end-of-year-survey, year 11

Another year has gone by, another traditional survey comes up. When someone posted it on their then-popular LiveJournal in December 2002, a couple of friends and I did it just for fun. Who’d think this would span an entire decade? Moreover, who’d think it would survive the famed end of the world ten days ago? Read on

Gramps And the New Year Man

For the past couple of days, Gramps has been doubting his own health. She was nowhere to be found, neither he had an idea on where to look for her. He thought that, perhaps, he’s got a couple of screws loose.
After some time, he was sitting down in the waiting room of the Institute Read on

Gramps, Who Knocks on Every Single Door

I’m starting to post translated installments of my “Dedica” (Gramps) stories originally published on my native language blog. The first story has been reworked in order not to refer to myself and the dream the old man first appeared in back in 2000; which I am eventually going to do with the original language version as well.