Wandering, Wrecked Heart

The only thing I never had
The only thing I wanted to be rid of
Your wandering, wrecked heart
A dark friendship
Of a large number of sevens
Never had a place to hide
Other than yourself
– September 08th and November 15th 2015; February 26th 2016


László dwells in the basement
Of the second house from the corner
Of the transit street.
László feels at home.
László paints me pretty flowers
And sings Gypsy songs at the tavern
Never missing a beat.
László feels at home.
Back in the flat-out-blind,
They ask him why here
And I wonder if he paints
The other ten months of the year.
Back in the robbed-out-of-mind,
They ask Read on

This Feeling is a Wall

An interlude, not related to the current series, where a wall would probably stand for…drumroll, please…A WALL.

Yesterday, When I Ruled the World

“That was yesterday,
When I ruled the world
That was yesterday,
When I wore the latest fashions
That was yesterday,
When I looked the other way,
That was yesterday,
Before my big death,
Before my small deaths.
Not my fault, that I never shut up
Not my fault, that I never learned
Not my fault, the way they made me
Not my fault, the way that I Read on

I Know Them Green

Meet me above,
Meet me below,
Meet me in my dreams
If you don’t want to wait.
Not your kind of fancy,
My kind of a thing.
This is not a tragedy.
Meet them in-between.
They don’t bring death,
When they’ve been tamed.
They don’t bring misunderstandings,
When everybody talks loud.
They cannot hide their bareness,
On the street where everybody walks.
They will never bear dark red.
They will Read on

Dark, Blue, Fire

This week, I’ve had a lot of instances of seeing the same colours in seemingly unrelated scenarios. So, why not put them together, somewhere, somehow, sometime?

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