Three Broken Mirrors

Three broken mirrors without you.
The thought of you was painful,
You were in my dreams so often,
More than those I thought I loved.
And I would wake up to see
I was still in my bedroom.
Two broken mirrors of mine
And the one I shared like poison
Sacrificing myself for the one I love
Would anything have changed without that last Read on

Now I Am You!

Everything you used to be is now me
You are no more, you are nothing
And this is how it was meant to ne.
For god’s sake,
You are still alive
And you re-claimed a dead body too
You are no different from me.
You are an impostor, like me.
You bought your freedom
And met some more doom
Because, you see,
When you’re set Read on

She Was My Heroine

I forbid you to cry
I forbid you to love
I forbid you dreams.
I forbid you to talk
I forbid you to look
You’re lesser than me.
You are so young
You are not pretty
You are second class.
You risk so much
You dream Read on


My name
My fault
My middle initial
My fault
My year of birth
My fault
My tentative birth date
My fault
My actual birth date
My fault
My eye colour
My fault
My city of birth
My fault
The languages I speak
My fault
My major
My fault
My hobbies
My fault
Not a pretty girl
My fault
Not wanting to be one
My fault
Not cooperative
My fault
Dressing the way I do
My fault
My temperament
My fault
My fault
Just standing there
My fault
Hitting Read on

He Calls Me Yugoslavia

He calls me Yugoslavia,
Asks for my name each time.
He likes my blue hat
And I watch the chicken spin.
I’m away from his Galaxy
On my thoughtful spot
I’m roaming through pebbles
Searching for what I am not.
I’m staring at the wooden chairs
Wondering why they are wooden.
The horizon seems so far away.
I keep my pebbles in a plastic box.
I hear Read on

Look Your Best

Never ripen
Do you hear me
I just stand here
And you are intact
Never ripen
Do you know me
I just stand here
And take the impact
Can’t ripen when you know
It would be an incredible mess
Can’t ripen when you can’t bloom
So, stand there, look your best
– May 28th, 2016

The Kuiper belt

The Kuiper belt!
Frightening lights in complete darkness
A lot of them on the edge, so edgy
A lot of misguided little missiles
A lot of dangerous little rocks
But I’m not just any object
I am not just a Plutoid
I’m Pluto
I may not be too luminous
But the light just blinds
Who needs that much light?
Aren’t we all light?
Screw the atmosphere
There is Read on


Elisabeth’s bust in the park
I don’t want to be here.
The night falls way too early
I don’t want to be here.
The pool filter will suck me in
I don’t want to be here.
I don’t want to be here
I see nothing different
From every day, every moment
I don’t want to be here
Nothing you give me will cure me.
Nothing you Read on

Taller Than My Tree

Something in your eyes,
Something in my shame.
Something in the way
You never said my name.
Do you think I would be
Taller than my tree?
Do you think this is
All there is to me?
I know my shadow.
I am my shadow.
I am a shadow.
I am a tree.
I know what my tag says.
I want to hear it from you.
I am a Read on

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