Toy Bird

Bleeding on roses
For many long years
Once there is blood
Gone are those tears
I was a wind-up bird toy
Made out of toxic alloy
Repeating love, love, love
It looked legit this time
Wore it on my chest
Hoped for the best
And I bled in vain
Feeding my bird brain
It feels so strange
To be fully red again
Can I please change back
And be so Read on

August Morning

August Morning, straight from The Year 13.
I wake up in the morning and pick up my phone
Not sure if happy or completely gone
This is the solution of all problems
I need to solve things that way, too.
That’s what the world wants from everybody.
I get an apple cider in the park
I never bought a drink on my Read on

Where Has She Gone?

Where has she gone after all these years,
Just when you thought she was to belong?
Went down in a blaze, the worst of the fears,
Just when you thought she was so strong.
A bastard child for others’ foolish games,
Promised the world, given a swamp.
Barely made it at all.
But there is always more.
There are things left to be Read on

She Was the World to Me

She was the world to me,
Everything else was keeping my breath in the vacuum.
She was my happiness,
Everything else was a life of blacks, whites and greys.
And then they took me away from her
An aneurysm,
Mad Cows,
Going broke,
Being sad.
And they took me to another world
Latin extended,
Never felt free
Under a dark sky,
Never glad.
No longer mine.
She was my own Read on

Cinderella and the Dancing Bear

I’m sure you liked it all back then…
But how about right now?
I’m sure you liked it all back then…
But there is so much right now.
I’m sure you do relate to those cool things from long before your birth so much.
I’m sure you’re keen on the fall of USSR, and an utopistic country’s bloody war.
Bright colours Read on


They wave to us, standing on the pavement,
His striped shirt, mustache and her long skirt,
The smiles we grew to love and remember
Will keep me warm come frosty November.
They put up with all my parents’ eccentricities,
They put up with my being the way I really am
The dense tree foliage, so warm and tender
Will keep me warm Read on

Stabs in Eclipse

They hurt you from here,
They hurt you from there,
Somebody stabs your heart.
When you stumble in the dark,
And only see a spark,
You think it’s the Great Generator.
W…what was that?
They hurt me from here,
They hurt me from there
Somebody stabs my heart.
When I stumble in the dark,
And don’t even see a spark,
I think it’s going to cure me.
Enough Read on


I’d left you for a girl
But I will be back
Just like you were each time
I’ve known her for so long
Ever since I was a child
I’ve been without her
Like with and without you
These days, I dream of her
And you are nowhere to be
Found in any of those dreams
She’s seen so much death
That you wouldn’t believe her
And Read on

Maze of Pipes / Lavirint cevi

Maze of Pipes
A waterfall baby,
A dream from the past,
Fading away to that old year.
I won’t forgive,
As there’s nothing to forgive,
I might be breathing water,
But I’m not water-driven.
Nothing more than a maze of pipes,
Squeaky-clean on the outside
With rust bleeding in them.
That’s what he was,
Some weak lines.
That’s the only thing he can be,
A maze of pipes.

Lavirint cevi
Dete Read on

The Masterdream

Cutting the fight?
Killing the light!
Knitting the night.
Flicking through,
Browsing through,
Assorted clips of the Masterdream.
Pink pegs?!
From a walking-talking picture book.
Black nails?
From a crawling distillery.
I’ll clip them the way they should be,
Where they should remain,
I’ll line them on a rope,
Hang them dry and preserve them,
Arrange them,
By correct date and time.
Always saying
I will not
Rewind them again,
But I do.
You breathe Read on