Judi & Agi


Born: November 09th, 2010
Found: August 19th, 2011
Species: Peke-a-pin (half Pekingese, half Miniature Pinscher)
SkillZ: Begs when she sees a wallet.
Favourite food: Pedigree Dentastix aka "zubi-zubi"
Loves: Kissing children on the nose, getting everybody's attention
Hates: Being brushed, when the vet measures her temperature
Delicacies: Used snotty handkerchieves, frozen cat poop aka "catsicles"
Worships: People
Romantic affiliation: Čubrilo the Miniature Pinscher
Friends: Beta the Miniature Schnautzer, Rea the Stafford, Meda the Poodle, Cile the Labrador, Jimmy the Jack Russel (RIP) and more.
Enemies: Any cat, horse or tram, Sunčica the Tibetan Spaniel Mix, Frida the Miniature Pinscher, Bili the mongrel and many more. Also, FEET. ESPECIALLY WHEN UNDER TABLES.

Born as Lea, which is a name far too common among female dogs in Serbia. Had no idea of her name when my mother and I found her, neither of her exact age and origin. As we later found out, she had three owners before us and it's unclear if she had escaped from the third or if she was thrown out somehow.

Judi, the peke-a-pin

Judi, the peke-a-pin


Hatched: January 16th, 2016
Adopted: April 04th, 2016
Species: Red-Fronted Kākāriki
SkillZ: Has a vocabulary of about 25 identifiable and many more garbled words.
Favourite food: Broccoli, grapes, corn, hot peppers
Loves: Underworld's "Born Slippy"
Hates: Millet, millet sprays, people whistling
Delicacies: The 200€ Canon CanoScan scanner, Anton Chekhov books
Worships: A poster on the wall
Romantic affiliation: A poster on the wall, his feeding bowl, the lower perch

Known to friends and family as Agi or Agiša, which is how he calls himself, too. Frowned upon by my Greek friends who wonder why I didn't use the modern Greek "Ahapi" as his name.

Agape the kakariki

Agi's Vocabulary:
- Agi
- Agiša
- lepi (pretty m)
- lepa (pretty, f)
- ptičica / "ptiči" (birdy, bir')
- glupa (!) (stupid, f)
- wadidadidah (!) - picked from Gotcha the Cockatoo
- Sunce (Sun)
- Iva
- gospođice (miss, vocative case)
- ti si (you are)
- dobar (good, m)
- dečko (boy)
- woof, bark and other similar dog impressions
- Džudi (Judi)
- dođi (come here)
- zatvori vrata (close the door)
- vox populi (O_o)
- čekaj (wait)
- Vučić (our Prime Minister's last name O_O)
- Džudika (Judi's nickname)
- kuki (how he calls his beloved poster)
- melody of Umberto Tozzi's Gloria
- kupi (buy!)
- ne (no)

Agi's own, unexpected creations:
- "Ti si glupa!" (You are stupid/dumb!)
- "Lepa Džudi!" (Pretty Judi! - all while looking like he's about to attack her)
- "Ubij ga kao brata!" (Kill him like a brother! - for no apparent reason, only once)