This is a very good excuse for an about page.


Hello! I also have a face!

Birthday: 03.03.1983.
Where I am: Beograd, Serbia
Zodiac: Sun in Pisces, moon and rising in Scorpio. Lots of scary firey stuff in the natal card. Basically, I'm a hurricane.
Height: 164 cm (5'5")
Other things you never wanted to know: feminist, non-misotheic atheist, demisexual, ENFP, 4w3 7w8 1w2

I'm unusual. This is not one of those things people say on the Internet because they think it's hip to say so. I really do not fit into any mold you can think of, to the point where a psychologist could not finish the assessment of my personality after six months of trying to do so.

When I was a child, I thought cowboys communicated by saying "Dadl, dadl dadl..." and I was scared of the Dire Straits' song "Walk of Life" because there was a big dog in that song and it was going to eat me. All those things made perfect sense. When I eventually saw Mark Knopfler in concert as an adult, I fell asleep.

I used to work for Lush. Loved the job, I miss it the way I'd miss an ex or something. Nowadays I'm a freelance web dev. You can have a look at what I can do, if you like.

I run a couple of other websites. One of them is a big deal. Or it used to be.

I have a peke-a-pin dog I found abandoned in a park in August 2011. Her name is Judi, because she totally looks like Judi Dench, except that she doesn't. I also have a red-crowned pied kakariki parrot named Agape, whom I call Agi for short. He likes to repeat his own name to no end. I originally wanted a rozella, but I was told that they would not match my temper.

I really, really like Ewoks. My favourite Ewok is Teebo. I am a hardcore shipper of him and Latara, his crush from the 1985 Ewoks cartoon. I always wanted to be able to talk to the trees like this little guy did. Other than that, I don't ship anybody.

I don't care about celebrities and their lifestyle. Until recently, I did not even know to tell the faces of Hollywood divas and heartthrobs.

I learned a bunch of things and I don't even remember how. Similarly, when I'm determined or forced to learn something, I can't.

Told you I had a face!

Told you I had a face!

In short, I'm a person with a full deck of bizarre interests. I'm warm but harsh, serious but humorous and my dog was probably farting when I wrote this.

I like my animated features to be noir. Therefore, 1980s for the win, the rest does not interest me much. Take your princesses and princess with you, bring me sad orphans and anthropomorphic animals.

Out of current cartoons, I like new Tom and Jerry and new Pink Panther. That stuff is wacky!

I hate violence and I have almost no tolerance for it.

I suck at about pages.