Failed Revolutions Succeed Years Later

Fourteen year itch
And now I'm a BITCH
Control of

Thanks for torment,
It was my fault until it became yours
I can't practice what you preach
I can't preach what you practice

Bla bla bla bla bla
I never believed in any of that
I do wander away, but not that far

You wanted this, so there you go
Everybody leaves you, anyway

I don't have a cage
I'm not on that page
This is not rage
This is reality

You call it morality
No need for wage
No need for stage
Just your own mage

They will say I failed everybody
But I tasted it on my own skin
Kneeling on peas
Swarms of your bees
Salt and more salt

They will say this is temporary
But I feel it deep within
No more tears,
No more of this
High time to halt

Diving back under the sea,
You didn't like us fish, anyway
Didn't the fish start the fish war
Diving back where I want to be
You didn't care about me anyway
If you really have wings, go soar

And I did it our way
We never got free the first time around
But this is a reflection of future freedom
Since the most recent time, we were back in the bowl
Like me with you

There could be a day
You are lost and you fail to be found
But I have thrown

I can be civil
But no more will
You can pack a punch
And eat free lunch
How privileged, you are

Never seen a star that wanted to terminate itself
And become nothing but a brown dwarf with clear orbit
Never thought that it wasa matter of principles
I hit the rock bottom and I have seen all of it

I can like it all without understanding you
I can remember past fondly without that component
And there were good things, but bad things, too.
My father was right, I had to let go of you
In a way, I was always meant to be an opponent
The antidote you will always be immune to.

Thanks for the knowledge you brought me
I am using it like there's no tomorrow
Sorry, but there is always another way
Thanks for the chaos you have showed me
It's nice, but I need to go with the flow
Imagine if you had to do it too, someday
Imagine if you had to live your life hard way


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