Moon on the Fence // Mesec na ogradi

Moon on the Fence

Moon is on the fence,
Does it hurt her?
She hasn't been able to move for many nights.

Moon is swinging to left and right,
Whether consciously
Or subconsciously,
Starring into the void with her sunken eyes.

What the sky would be like without you?
Don't even think about this,
Don't even consider this.


Mesec na ogradi

Mesec je na ogradi,
da li je to boli?
Ne može da se pomeri već noćima.

Mesec se njiše-levo desno,
da li svesno,
da li nesvesno,
ponor posmatra svojim upalim očima.

Kako bi nebo izgledalo bez tebe?
Nemoj da misliš na to,
nemoj ni da pomišljaš na to.

November 27th, 2017, January 17th 2018 // 27. novembar 2017. i 17. januar 2018

Written for my friend, who was in crisis in November. The photo of her was taken on March 09th.

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