Who needs the tornado of London
When there's the earthquake in Japan
She no longer feels the floor below
Wingclipped one attempts to fly
Ice queen becomes driven snow
Though she cannot even try
She is troubled trouble
Her eyes betray her
An instant euphoria
Her mind plays her
Drunk on bottle of water
Gianna Nannini on play
Panic panic panic panic
An ingénue seeing things
Don't want to fail
Don't want to win
Wandering in daze
Tongue-tied, half mute
Ambiguously accidental
Maybe intentional
Wrong way
Right way
No way

She's a whore, she's a brute
She's rude, she's a prude
Go become pure again
Don't let it hit the fan
God killed the bird
As the last warning
Dumb dog with a bone
Go back, be a stone
The best day of her year?

- May 13th, 2018 (the first six lines, under the title "Driven Snow"), May 15th, 2018 (the rest)

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