I’m Safe in My Head

This little infatuation is safe in my head,
I won't tell anybody, until the day I'm dead.
This little nonsense will pass me by,
This will fade away on its own.

I'm walking home, leaving no footprints,
If anybody asks, I haven't been there...
Imagination is a scary, dark place,
But I like it there and there only,
Taking this nonsense to my grave.

A random object in an asteroid field
But why am I losing my laser shield?
I'll keep it that way, I want to be but a blur.
I didn't care before, why do I care now?
This makes for some good fiction.

This is letting go, not a subtle hint,
Lines are not under my control
Whatever I do, there is small print
They go wherever they want,
So I would not go anywhere at all.

- April 22nd, 2018

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