I’m Safe in My Head

This little infatuation is safe in my head,
I won't tell anybody, until the day I'm dead.
This little nonsense will pass me by,
This will fade away on its own.

I'm walking home, leaving no footprints,
If anybody asks, I haven't been there...
Imagination is a scary, dark place,
But I like it there and there only,
Taking this nonsense to my grave.

A random object in an asteroid field
But why am I losing my laser shield?
I'll keep it that way, I want to be but a blur.
I didn't care before, why do I care now?
This makes for some good fiction.

This is letting go, not a subtle hint,
Lines are not under my control
Whatever I do, there is small print
They go wherever they want,
So I would not go anywhere at all.

- April 22nd, 2018

The one where the protagonist realises the last thing she ever wanted to realise about herself, something she would have hit people for if they had implied it - and a former friend sort of did, once, in "the lady doth protest too much" way. She also thinks that she can control whatever she had just realised. Spoiler: she mostly can't.

This happens a couple of days before the second realisation, after which she start feeling like a horrible person that basically should not exist.

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