A Flower on a Grave that’s Your Own

I said "I will fall" and I fell
Like I knew I would have fallen
I was at my worst in July,
I was like I did not exist in August,
I got a consolation prize in September
And the road back was not so simple.

That sounded strangely familiar,
Minus the bells ringing,
It was something I could remember.

Isn't that ironic,
For me to end up like you?
Isn't that sardonic,
To have been nobody for a year?
I guess we truly belong with each other.

And now I know how it's like to be
A flower on a grave that's your own
And now I know that I have to go back
Now that we are both truly grown
And now I know that this time,
I need to be alone.

Hear my footsteps,
See my shadow,
Whatever it may take,

We're our own consolation prize,
Can the pain lead to deliverance?

- March 15th, 2018

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