I Can Talk to the President!

I can talk to the President,
I know his first wife from somewhere,
The President would listen to me.

I can talk to the Government,
I know ex ministers from somewhere,
The Government would listen to me.

C'mon, chew on me,
I would actually enjoy it this time.
C'mon, chew on me,
My tiny sharp teeth will be idle.

I can talk to the Associates,
And I never ever even attempted to,
The Associates would shrug at me.

I can talk to ex-CowOrkers,
And they used to be so strange to me,
Ex-CowOrkers are probs irrelevant to me.

C'mon, chew on me,
CBT did wonders and I'd love it a lot.
C'mon, chew on me,
I'm smart, I see what was wrong.

- February 15th, 2018

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