Hit me, hit me,
I love the pain,
I'm drunk on fears,
I shiver in the rain.

Hit me, hit me,
I love the hurt,
I really do always
Swim in the dirt.

BP through the roof,
Cold, cold hands,
Immaturity galore,
As the mind demands.



I could be very wrong, but I was never wrong before,
In every lie there's a bit of truth, they say.
Whom do you trust, yourself, them or somebody else?
Do you really think everybody is this predictable?
Do you really think?
Can you even think?

Stop hitting yourself!
Stop hitting yourself!

- February 03rd, 2018

At about 6:30 this morning, I woke up from a strange dream, my right side of the jaw painful and numb. The whole dream was a mishmash, but then this person whose face I can barely recognise punched me. I interpreted that in multiple ways. Never-ever freak out a person who is a black/white professional and a greyness charlatan.

Verdrängung = confabulation, in German

I was not hitting myself. It's not literal.

And I can use Adobe Illustrator, this is a deliberate parody of younger self. Or maybe it's a partial parody. Or maybe.

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