Flip a Battery

Flip a Battery

Flip a battery.
Back to back,
Here we are sitting
Never looking at each other's eyes.

I will poison every garden you curate for me
That is what happens when you flip a battery.
You will step on any given flower I nurse for you,
Because the colours sting and they're not real.

Not all the things return to sender,
But when they do, you will cry
Not all the things return to spender
Spoiler, they all do, it's a lie.

Not all things would go November,
But when they do, they don't die.

How do I redeem myself?
How will you explain yourself?
How do you redeem yourself?
How will I explain myself?

September 07th, November 22nd and 25th, 2016 - was originally meant to be the January poem in "The Year 13", but it looks like something written in 2012, it's too acerbic and it does not capture the right mood of the year 13 and whatever other year, so NOPE.

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