ete one

That one had not been a year for life,
It had been a year eaten by letscallitA,
No dreams, no reality, nothing in between,
The time was plenty, but everything was still.

That had been a year for crawling and dying.
Showing a blank face, and nothing else inside,
And some things are best forever forgotten.

Even when I am slowly awakening,
To the world where both of us exist,
I wait for you to lift my spirits again
And then, once it happens again,
I'll whisper through the abating fog,
"I didn't forget you.
I will not forget you."
Yes, I want the past.
Where there is you!

Even when I was not even a picture,
In the year when I was a malfunctioning robot,
You would find me walking around the block
And then, when nobody else drowns,
I remind myself that you exist,
"I didn't forget you.
I will not forget you."
Yes, I want the future,
Plus there will be you!

I will come around
When I feel inadequate and invisible
And be the you-know-what that I am,
Hold you against the wall,
Whisper into your ear,
"I didn't forget you.
I will not forget you."
And them I'm scared again,
Like I always was,
Like I always am.

You will blurt it out
When they make you do whatever
And make people think you're a fool.
You realise we're both aging
And it will finally be all right.
"You didn't forget me,
But something was up."
And then nobody ever disappears,
Like we never did,
Like we never do.

- January 17th, 2018

This is a sequel of An Incompl and probably the first poem of this kind where the narrator senses that the future of whatever is going on here could be at least somewhat satisfying.

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