everybodyknowsthebluefloor // sviznajuplavipod


Everybody knows the blue floor,
Everybody knows the Angel,
Everybody knows the smiling Sun.

I don't want to know
What the floor is like up there:
If it's blue,
If it's black.

Everybody knows the aquarium,
Everybody knows the rush,
Everybody knows the smokers.

They don't want to know
What the world is like out there:
If it's gold,
If it's crack



Svi znaju plavi pod,
svi znaju anđela,
svi znaju nasmejano Sunce.

Ne želim da znam
kakav je pod tamo gore:
da li je plav,
ili je crn.

Svi znaju akvarijum,
svi znaju žurbu,
svi znaju pušače.

Oni ne žele da znaju
kakav je svet napolju,
da li je zlato,
ili je krek.

- January 14th, 2018 // 14. januar 2018

Photo taken on January 10th, 2018. // Uslikano 10. januara 2018.

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