Had You // Imala sam te

Had You

I had you for a moment
And now I lost you again

When I lose everything
I'll cherish my little return to you
When I lose myself
Please, may they take me to you
What's left of me
Whatever's left of me


Imala sam te

Imala sam te na trenutak
i sad sam te opet izgubila

Kad budem izgubila sve
u srcu ću nositi svoj mali povratak tebi
Kad budem izgubila sebe
Želim da me odvedu tebi
ono što je ostalo od mene
šta god bude ostalo od mene

- July 24th, 2017 // 24. jul 2017

I actually wrote one thing during the worst month of my entire life. I am leaving it the way it is, without punctuation, fixes etc. It perfectly illustrates my state of mind back then. The flowers are connected to the subject of the poem, because the only photo I took in July was one of a cleaning product mom wanted me to buy. And no, no and for the last time no, this is not a letter to a lover. This is, err, a poem about where you'd like to die, because you thought you were dying.

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