Release // Oslobađanje

Time's a killer,
I'm a feeler,
What am I to do?

Time's a train,
I'm a drain,
Is there anything I can do?

Release me from this hell -
Whoever you are and might be.
Just ring that silver bell -
Let me get up, let me be me!



Vreme je ubica,
ja sam osećajna,
šta da radim?

Vreme je voz,
ja sam odvod,
mogu li tu išta da uradim?

Oslobodi me ovoga pakla -
ko god da si, ko god možeš da budeš.
Samo udari u to srebrno zvono -
daj da ustanem, daj da budem ja!

- May 30th, 2017 / 30. maj 2017.

A poem of sheer hopelessness from back in May. I have some May-July material, but none of it is good and neither is this. Still going to post it, anyway.

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