Gone Thunder // Zagromila sam

Gone Thunder

I'll see you when you see me,
Guess I won't.
I'll read you when you read me,
Guess I won't.

It isn't you and me.
It's a sixty dot three.
All those things
I'm supposed to be.

I had gone thunder,
In case you wonder.
I had gone thunder,
Above and under,
In case you ponder.

I'll need you when you need me,
Guess I won't.
I'll help you when you help me.
Guess I won't.

It isn't me and you,
It's a twenty one or two,
All those things
I once saw in you.

I had gone thunder,
And the last leaf almost fell down.
I had gone thunder,
And I still cannot straighten my frown.

I'm going thunder when you're not,
You're going thunder when I'm not,
Let's never go thunder together,
Let's postpone that one forever.


Zagromila sam

Videću te kad me budeš video,
izgleda da neću.
Čitaću te kad me budeš čitao,
izgleda da neću.

To nismo ja i ti
to je šezdeset tačka tri,
sve ono što
navodno jesam.

Zagromila sam
za slučaj da se pitaš,
Zagromila sam,
gore sam i dole sam,
gde god da skitaš.

Trebaćeš mi kad ću ti trebati,
izgleda da nećeš.
Pomoći ćeš mi kad ti budem pomogla,
izgleda da nećeš.

To nisi ti,
to je dvadeset jedan i dvadeset dva,
sve ono što
u tebi jednom videla sam.

Zagromila sam,
poslednji list je skoro bio pao.
zagromila sam,
i tužan izraz mi još nije umakao.

Ja zagromim kad ti ne.
Ti zagromiš kad ja ne.
Hajde da nikad ne zagromimo zajedno,
hajde da to zauvek odložimo.

- November 09th and 12th, 2017 / 09. i 12. novembar 2017

This poem is not negative, regardless of how it may appear. It's about going through bad times and being happy that somebody else appears not to be experiencing the same, on the contrary. At the same time, even if there's something good coming your way from that direction, you are unable to feel it at the moment, because of those bad times.

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