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Wanna read a book with essentially fifty poems about the same thing? A book that will make you sick, sick, sick?

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Yes, another poetry book, if you feel like reading. I put the e-book together in November 2016, but I waited today to post it. The subject matter is well-researched, just like in the other book I offered this month, perhaps even too well-researched; but though both books appear to start with some sort of a fire (and no, I don't like fires - I'm scared of them), this one doesn't get positive at one single point. Given that I'm posting today and not on some other day, you can guess what will be the background of the surreal events taking place in it, featuring an anti-hero and an anti-heroine, sort of.

Wrong Star cover image

Just like the previous books starts out showing a typical Balkans curse (albeit the first of them in the XX century) and then goes out to celebrate a typical Balkans spirit; this one starts out with a pan-Slavic curse and branches out to show how other people can't quite understand a typical Slav, typical Slavic passion and what we're all about. It isn't that hard to see that there's an argument of religion (the other character is presumed western Christian, the protagonist is presumed Orthodox), gender, east vs. west on the political scale and so on. There are many stereotypes throughout as well, all kinds thereof.

You will see cursed animals, strange old ladies, old weapons coming alive, and so on.

I read 10+ books and watched two dozen documentaries to make sure I'm getting everything in this book right.

Once again, if you liked Copy is the Original, you might not like this at all.

Another issue: If anybody notices a similarity between this and some other cover image - well, shut your mouth, I created the drawing in 2010 and posted it in an album here on Facebook. Also, coincidences happen. Also, my image is cuter, just look at those flying tall buildings and gigantic black plants.

I dedicated this book to the person that inspired it. It's a testimony of being young and angry seven years ago and it should stay in the past, which is not to say that I don't adore it. It's a good kind of young and angry.

If you like this, I have two more e-books ready for reading, made in 2016:
http://iva-is.me/writing/copy-is-the-original/ (my favourite)
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