Fruit Sculptures // Skulpture od voća

Fruit Sculptures

She makes fruit sculptures
Dips them in a solution,
So they would last forever.

She is rumoured to have been hit by thunder,
Not one, but thirteen times,
And each time she survived.

The lady of the backstreet flat,
She has so many stories to tell.

She makes fruit sculptures
Don't ever think they're edible,
But they will last forever.

She is rumoured to be having yet another,
After a total of thirteen of them,
And each time they survived.

The lady of the backstreet noise,
She has so many stories to tell.


Skulpture od voća

Ona pravi skulpture od voća
i potapa ih u rastvor,
kako bi trajale zauvek.

Priča se da ju je tresnuo grom,
ne jednom, već trinaest puta,
i svaki put bi preživela.

Gospa od stana u aneksu,
ima toliko da ispriča.

Ona pravi skulpture od voća,
ne, one nisu jestive,
ali ima da traju zauvek.

Priča se da ima još jednog,
pošto ih je imala trinaestoricu,
i svaki od njih je preživeo.

Gospa od sporedne ulice,
ima toliko toga da ispriča.

- April 10th, 2017 // 10. april 2017

This poem is based on a dream where a woman who was a cross of older Eartha Kitt and Carmen Miranda was making fruit sculptures and dipping them in some solution that was implied to be magic. She was also absorbing electricity and then I turned into her and had to duck thunder that was chasing me with these typical Jackie Chan moves. Ended up reflecting it with the lid of a dumpster on some underway on a highway. Because dreams are weird.

Nothing to do with my regular omnipotent character. That one lives just off one of the continent's main roads, y0.

Fruit sculptures

Photo taken on June 17th, 2007, at Lush Belgrade, which I miss greatly.

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