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Wanna read a book with essentially fifty poems about the same thing? And that thing is not romantic love, "my country is great" narrative or "how to be more productive and run while you sleep"? Of course that you do, because it's different.

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I present to you - the first draft of my new poetry thing, Copy is the Original - it starts as an elegy with lots of destruction and pain and ends as nothing but pure love. It's dedicated to something, not somebody. But that something is what Trieste was to Joyce, what Locarno was to Remarque, what London was to Dickens and so on. This something is my emotional anchor in a way. When I'm blue, its blue chases and overpowers my blue. This something relates me to many people I love and their openness to somebody like me, their generosity and willingness to accept pretty much anybody, from any culture and understand them.

Writing poems in the first part of the book took some major research, reading through old newspapers (diplomatic incidents were covered with same fervor in 1900s, folks), going through pictures and articles that made me shiver, literally.

Copy is the Original cover image

Copy is the Original cover image

Writing poems in the second part of the book was how it started. My crazy-good memory was helpful here.

Writing the third part was kind of painful.

Writing the fourth part was more than satisfying, because most poems were conceived on the balcony at the break of dawn, with a glass of cold Max in my hand and dogs playing across the street.

The cover is temporary, I want something else, but I need a little girl for it and I have a toy plane for her and a bunch of other props. I also need the little girl to look like a very old soul, so it will be hard.

The poems may be updated, i.e. I have one that I failed to deliver as a birthday gift two weeks ago because I looked up to the person as a child and the poem needed to be BETTER, and a couple more that are not finished.

Serbian version coming up soon. English was the language that I was more likely to relate to this. I would really, really like to more version, but we'll see about it.

Making this e-book is the first think I did after my unfortunate near-four-month downtime.

Now everybody can truly and absolutely call me crazy.

*closes eyes, swallows a lump and presses 'Publish'*

If you like this, I have two more e-books ready for reading, made in 2016: (will repost link to this on 26th of the month) (a challenging and weird read)

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