My blue and white Queen
That used to be white, red and green,
I am with you again.
It's been a lifetime.

You have been broken so many times,
I have made so many broken rhymes.
They won't take you from me
In this lifetime.

I walk down the street,
Like a child in wonderland.
They all look at me,
Do they even understand?

He says his name's Paul Newman,
He's sitting in a little cafe,
He notices me and asks to talk.
Why does he see me?

He calls his friend over,
The flower shop owner who
wants me to find him mp3s,
Why do they accept me?

Because it's her,
And it will always be her,
For as long as she lives.

Because it's her,
And it will always be her,
She does not take, she gives.

Say she's beautiful,
Say she's beautiful,
For that's what I think.

Say she's magical,
Say she's magical,
She was my missing link.

- April 01st 2017.

"We were here.", whatever language (Russian? Bulgarian?) it may have been transcribed to Latin alphabet from.

This was written in Evernote on a city bus. Then Evernote played April Fools' on me and I lost the whole document. But somehow, I remembered everything and I even added two new, "because it's her" verses. And yes, there are random strangers in the world who call themselves Paul Newman. Because...why not?

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