Can I Be Me?

Can I be what I was again,
The one you hate, but is interesting?
Though I prefer not to be hated.

Can I be an unfinished story,
A chew-toy in another limerence?
Though I prefer stories finished.

I will sacrifice myself all over again,
And spend the next years in quiet misery.
I will give all of me for you to be loved
Wear my greys and kill my yellow history.

Can I be me, by the name from my papers
The despicable little bully that I no longer am?

January 07th, 24th and 27th 2016 & March 26th, 2017

What you probably see vs. what I am.

What you probably see vs. what I am.

Re-titled on December 06th, 2016. Can't remember the original name to save my life.

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