An Incompl

That one had not been a year for feelings,
It had been a year for different things,
Dreams seldom come, as they once did,
There is no time for that right now.

That had been a year for just peeking out of the shell.
Showing a pretty picture, but no pearls yet inside,
And some things are best shelved for later.

Even when I am in some other story,
From long before any of us existed,
You find me roaming through the salt mine
And then, when it all burns down,
You whisper through the ash and cinders,
"Don't you forget me.
You must not forget me."
Should I want future
When there is you?

Even when I was angry beyond belief,
In the year when I was an elephant cub,
You would find me up among the lakes
And then, when everybody drowns,
You ripple through the cold water,
"Don't you forget me.
You must not forget me."
Should I have known what future
Would bring to you?

You will come around
When you feel irritated or bored
And make a histrionic of yourself,
Hold me against the wall,
Whisper into my ear,
"Don't you forget me.
You must not forget me."
And then disappear again
Like you always did,
Like you always do.

I will blurt it out
When they assure me it's OK
And make a fool of myself.
I'll look at my never-aging face
And crush my own teeth
"I won't forget you."
And then I'll scare myself,
Like I always did,
Like I always do.

December 16th and 19th, 26th, 2016 & March 24th, 2017. Has a sequel, ete one.

Walking away to walk back

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