A world was made for you and me,
I miss you.
Only your words could reach me,
I love you.

The boy will never get one of these,
Not this one, not any other, if there ever is another.
I lost two in a year, and I do not care about the other,
It's only you I feel wrong about,
It's only for you I continuously stab my heart.

All three versions of you, gone.
I used to have a working brain,
But that month, there was none.

I am gone today, here tomorrow,
You're gone tomorrow and here today.
I burn bridges and regret it immediately.
You hold grudges and rebuild them slowly.
I hope you do?
Please, tell me that you do.
Please, tell me that you care.

This cactus has burned down.
This cactus is dehydrated.
This cactus needs water.
The Sun is too high.

This greenhood has lost her crown.
This greenhood is de-juvenated.
This greenhood needs cover.
The Sun is too high.

The abbreviations are so close.
The abbreviations are so close and easy to get wrong.
But one is a dynamic orchestra,
And the other is a radio with a blasting loud song.

A pathetic stream of consciousness.

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