Evil and Angels

Girls with boyish-sounding names,
Girls easy to mistake for boys,

Forced reinventions,
To fit in this world,
Forced in the right mold.
Girls with boys' names.

Strange interventions,
To fix and rebuild,
Took up a new field.
Girls with boys' names.

I could not feel for seven years,
I had not yet learned how to be.

I could not stop moving for seven years,
I had no idea it was particular to me.

And then by chance, I found you.
From that day, everything was you.
I was forced to let you go when I needed you most,
A lifetime later, I was running back to you.

And everything was old.
And everything was new.

You knew all about my love for the thrill,
You knew what I had forgotten over years.
You knew that I was never able to be still,
Still, you temporarily blocked all my fears.

You're my favourite girl with a boy's name,
An underrated sequel, an extended feature.
Whether you change, or remain the same,
A mystical, mythical non-creature.

I can't wait to see you again,
Now that I know I can be me.

I can't wait to be with you again,
Now that you truly helped me see.

- February 26th and 28th, 2017

Swinging Back and Forth

I am not keen on the use of the word "angel" anywhere, given that most people misuse it - not talking about geniuses such as Wim Wenders here, but tabloids, pathetic aunties and so on. So, the words "evil" and especially "angel" here are some extremes at alliterative words and epic misspellings. Und Gott, er weisst ich will kein Engel sein! 😀

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