What if the Mirror Had Swallowed the Room?

I can't sleep, somebody's tumbling around,
They appear to be missing the stairs.
The steps, they can be challenging.
The floor, I get it, was my childhood foe,
But they seem to see two sets of everything.
I would see two, if the light was on
And if this mirror could swallow the room.

Sure, I play in a poor shy woman's bohemian dream,
I tiptoe around like this wasn't real to begin with,
Just like James Joyce had Trieste and all such things,
But this is not one of those famous joints
And, strangers, you're not Led Zeppelin,
I just want to sleep.
Do you have any idea how tired I am,
After all these years?

Understand, strangers, I really hit that one working brake,
I totally stopped to wish them good luck or whatever
And that's big, I don't like weddings to begin with
This was one of the busiest days of my entire life
I will call army on you, they're right over there,
I just want to sleep.
Do you have any idea how tired I am,
After all these years?

In the morning, I see they trashed a bench over there,
The one in white says they were having lots of fun,
And the stars, they seemed to have disappeared again,
And the stairs, they seemed to have halved for the day,
Maybe they are always doubled up deep in the night
But what if the mirror had swallowed the room?
What if you have absorbed me absorbing you?

- November 22nd, 2016

This is one of those that I fear looks too much like something else, something somebody else wrote. It also serves as a parody of the whole series, given that the first poem, Plank was a series of random mental images and that there was one using a prompt. The character in the last verse is a real person, whose reaction to this poem would probably be a single word. And this poem would have needed a "yeah, whatever" character even if it wasn't real.

The "strangers" are not doing anything involving prostitutes and sea creatures at all - the Led Zeppelin pun is there serving as a staircase wit type of a thing. Something in the lines of "darn, I came up with a perfect comeback for your bad behaviour three months later". And yeah, there is a staircase. Or more than one, maybeee...

The poem also kind of stresses how much I hate weddings in general - went to four of them, behaved like a ditz on the first (OK, I was 8), mostly slept on the second, ran back home from the third (long story), the fourth costed me a friendship because of an act of clumsiness.

The "one in white" is not an angel, deity or whatever - just somebody who wears white most of the time.

Self-parody of the kind expressed in the second verse also appears throughout a completely unrelated poem - Dinner at Hotel Oktobar.

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